Price of Honda BEAT Carburetor Starting at IDR 5 Million, This is BEAT History in Indonesia – The price of the first generation Honda Beat that still uses a carburetor is sold from Rp. 5 million.

The price of the 2008 Honda Beat starts at IDR 5 million based on the editorial team’s observation on online buying and selling sites.

Meanwhile, the highest price for the 2008 Honda Beat was sold at Rp. 8.5 million.

Talking about the Honda Beat, this is one of the dreams of young people since it was first introduced in Indonesia.

No wonder the Honda Beat has always been consistently the best-selling matic in recent years.

The Honda BEAT itself was first launched in the country around 2008 and the most recent version is the Honda BEAT which was released by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) around 2020.

While nostalgic, let’s look again at the versions of the Honda BEAT that have been paved in Indonesia.

Do you think you memorized it or not?

Honda Beat Carburetor

While MOTOR Plus

Illustration of Honda Beat Carburetor