Prosecutors drop charges against Neymar

Neymar leaves the court hearing.
(© David Zorrakino/Europapress/dpa)

Barcelona (dpa) – – In the criminal trial against the Brazilian soccer star Neymar and other defendants in Barcelona, ​​the public prosecutor’s office has withdrawn the charges according to consistent media reports.

This means that an acquittal is getting closer, although the Brazilian investment fund DIS is not moving away from its lawsuit, as reported by the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” and other media. Originally, the prosecution had called for two years in prison and a fine of ten million euros for Neymar, who has been under contract with Paris Saint-Germain since 2017. The private prosecutors from the Brazilian investment fund DIS even pushed for a five-year prison sentence for Neymar.

The trial before the Barcelona Regional Court, which began on October 17, is about the allegation that the soccer star and other defendants were guilty of fraud and corruption in the transfer of the professional from FC Santos to FC Barcelona in 2013 . At the time, DIS held a 40 percent stake in Neymar and saw itself cheated of millions in connection with the transfer.

Prosecutor Luis García Cantón justified the withdrawal by saying that suspicions of a criminal offense had not been confirmed. The indictment was based on allegations that could not have been proven, the newspaper wrote. Cantón emphasized that the transfer could have violated civil law regulations, but that does not justify criminal proceedings. Any claims would have to be asserted in a civil court.

In addition to Neymar (30), the professional’s parents and two ex-Presidents of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, were also accused.