“Protect and strengthen children” – Forchheim Child Protection Association positions itself

_“You will never become anything! Stop crying! Not you again!” _

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? We all have a pretty clear idea of ​​what physical violence is. Beating a child with a belt was common in earlier times. This is unimaginable for us today. However, there is hardly any awareness of the above statements, of psychological violence. Degrading parenting actions, humiliating statements and yelling are also acts of violence against children with massive long-term consequences. The Child Protection Association wants to raise awareness about the consequences and alternatives of emotional violence and is therefore officially launching its campaign “Violence is more than you think” on World Children’s Day.

Under the hashtag #violencehatmanyfaces on the social media channels, attention is drawn to any form of violence, assault and disrespect towards our children throughout Germany. The Child Protection Association in Forchheim is therefore committed to the rights of children and stands by them, the children, but of course also the parents, when problems arise. More information at www​.kin​der​schutz​bund​-forch​heim​.de