Protests in Turkey over the death of the Iranian woman arrested for not wearing a veil

Iranian feminists and Turkish protested today in front of the consulate of iran in Istanbul for the death of Mahsa Aminia woman who died last Friday at a police station in Tehran, where she was being held for do not wear the islamic veil mandatory in the country.

Under shouts like “Freedom” and “We will not be silent, we will not obey”, the activists raised banners with messages such as “Amini’s murderer is the fascist religious regime” or “We are not an Islamic republic, we are Iran”.

Others raised in fist a lock of hair, an allusion to the iranian women protest that have cut the mane to report the death of the young woman.

A strong police contingent surrounded the street of the consulate in the center of istanbulbut allowed access to a few dozen protestersmost of them women, and the press.

In recent days there has been protests similar in other Turkish cities and today there was a concentration in Ankara.

Amini passed away on Friday in a Tehran police station after being arrested by the Iranian Morale Police, for do not wear the islamic veilmandatory in the country since Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution in 1979.

Iranian authorities claim that there was no mistreatment and that Amini suffered health problemssomething that the family has denied.

Since the weekend they have registered protests in numerous iran citiesincluding increasingly violent clashes with the security forces and a balance, for now of 6 dead.

The government of the ultra-conservative president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisíhas increased in recent months Pressure so that the women comply with the strict dress code.

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With information and image from EFE