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PS: the background reminder of the young local barons

The story begins as follows: Thursday, following an article in Libération, we receive some messages from disgruntled socialists. For good reason, several section chiefs and national secretaries (signatories of a forum in JDD ) who push for a “radical” transformation of the PS refuse to fall (for the moment) in the arms of the last candidate declared to the Congress, Olivier Faure. While we wrote that the deal was close, it only missed the signature. Among the first disgruntled federations are Emmanuel Grégoire, Sébastien Vincini and Valérie Rabault.
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‘Proof’. The first two are at the head of the two largest PS federations in the country and the last is a member of parliament who is climbing at the heart of the new generation. Understand: they weigh heavy and all the candidates, declared or not, woo them. Friday morning, when we thought that this story was a little behind us, we were awakened by a new SMS. That of Eduardo Rihan Cypel, former Member of Parliament for Seine-et-Marne. It gives : “Hello, happy new year to you! I call to deny in the name of Sebastien Vincini what is written in your paper yesterday. Call me, I tell you things, I have the evidence … ” At the end of the line, Eduardo Rihan Cypel explains that the 27th of January (date of submission of the guidelines) is “Still very far” And that he and his friends do not “Forbade anything”. His way of explaining to us that they could present a text and a candidate to the congress.
We ask him to give us tracks, names. He answers: Valérie Rabault, Sébastien Dénaja and of course, he does not forget to mention his own name. Then, Eduardo Rihan Cypel draws a portrait of Sebastien Vincini. The first secretary of Haute-Garonne is “The heir of Lionel Jospin on the lands of Jaurès”. It is also the “Leader of the group”, the leader of the small elected against the technocracy of Paris is “David against Goliath”. As a warning, he “Sounds the alarm”, the weather “Shenanigans is over, we’re not playing in a sandbox anymore, our group is united is determined”.
Orbit. In the middle of the afternoon, we contacted a relative of Vincini and Rabault (which did not answer any of our calls) to try to understand a little better the situation: in fact, the signatories of the tribune are a little vexed . They would have liked to be part of the “quad band” which meets once or twice a month since September. This team, composed among others by Olivier Faure, the mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré, that of Nantes Johanna Rolland and Boris Vallaud, had the objective of putting the candidature of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in orbit before it does not throw in the towel. His renunciation has opened the door to all candidacies and negotiations of corridors. In conclusion, the close of Vincini and Rabault slides: “Olivier Faure has the portrait-robot of the good candidate, but at the moment, he is doing very badly and it is not won for him, he will have to make efforts to gather.” We are still going a little further. A coup de force, a fight is conducted behind the scenes.
This time it’s Sébastien Vincini: the tone is the same. The first secretary of Haute-Garonne talks about the background, his desires, his career – he went from Montebourg to Aubry before supporting Peillon at the primary. Vincini repeats that on January 27, it is far away and that he and his comrades are seriously studying a text of orientation. He says : “The incarnation is not difficult to find, we must first discuss the substance to recreate a coherent ideal.” It is relaunched on the incarnation. “It’s true that a woman would be good, that Valerie would make a very good first secretary, but it’s up to her to decide, it’s her freedom and her agenda.”
“Old times”. In recent hours, the phones of Sébastien Vincini, Valérie Rabault and Emmanuel Grégoire ring in a loop. The friends of Olivier Faure. But not only. Luc Carvounas came to take the temperature, the friends of Stéphane Le Foll too. Not to mention Julien Dray who seeks allies to go to battle. For the moment, Sébastien Vincini, who is at the head of a bonanza (his federation has 2,500 members to date of contributions) judges that they “Do it wrong” : “They tell me” come with me “as if it was the old days. We are not looking for places, we want to propose, to put together the best project for our party. ”
He does not say it, but we understand between the lines that he is also seeking respect. A former Socialist MP: “All the candidates speak of territories, they seek to defend the territories but they despise the federations and the militants of province. After I do not know how far they are willing to go, but they intend to piss off their world to the end. And they are right…”

Rachid Laïreche

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