The PS5 will be released this year, but the PS4 ecosystem still wants to improve. To do this, Sony is now putting bounty on bugs.

  • Sony brought the PS4-Consoles already on the market at the end of 2013.
  • The company has now started Bug report program.
  • Fans, the error can find up to 50.000 US-Dollar collect.

Tokyo, Japan – Sony is one of the cornerstones in the video game industry. With its published over the years Consoles the Japanese company became the first choice of millions Fans around the world. And although Sony In strong competition with Microsoft, both companies are hard-working, innovative and persistent. While Microsoft released its Xbox Series X some time ago, it unveiled Sony based in Such only recently the new PS5 and ensured open mouths. But until that Next-Gen-Konsolen It will take a while to be released at the end of 2020. Sony started in the meantime Bug report program for the PS4on which the Fans participate and with large sums like 50.000 US-Dollar, can be rewarded.

Name of the console

PlayStation 4 (PS4)


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)


stationary game console


8. Console generation

Storage medium



November 29, 2013 (Europe), November 15, 2013 (USA), February 22, 2014 (Japan)

PS4: bugs undesirable – Sony launches bug reporting software for the benefit of attentive fans

The PS4 from Sony is now almost seven years old, but is still thrilling Gaming-Fans. In addition to exceptions, such as the fact that the PS4 is going crazy because of The Last of Us 2, consoles still her best. But a generation change is imminent. Unveiled a few weeks ago Sony the design of the PS5 in a livestream and presented numerous future PS5 games. Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer reacted unexpectedly to the PS5 event. That the Next-Gen-Konsole probably at the end of this year PS4 will replace, is out of the question. But there is Sony the older one consoles anything but on what the Fans should look twice. With the start of a Bug report program can not only annoying Bugs be fixed that Fans got for finding Mistakes sometimes a handsome reward in the form of US-Dollar.

Sony has launched a bug reporting program for the PS4 and is rewarding attentive fans with $ 50,000. You have to know that.

© Sony/Pixabay/Montage

After this Sony in the past, only private researchers for tracking down Mistakes had offered a premium, it was now for everyone Fans made accessible. The senior director for software engineering at Sony, Geoff Norton, wrote on the official PlayStation blog that for reporting critical Bugs a reward of at least 50.000 US-Dollar would be paid out. This is supposed to Fans give an incentive to be particularly attentive. Sony wants, according to Geoff Norton, that Bug report program open for “the security research community, gamers and everyone else” and therefore now works together with HackerOne (all about PlayStation).

PS4: Sony rewards fans who find bugs and bugs with sums like $ 50,000

HackerOne writes that the engineers at Sony especially on reports about the hardware of the PS4
-Konsole are interested. But are just as important Error messages on the operating system, accessories and the PlayStation Network. During a Error Report about one Bug low priority with at least 500 US-Dollar will be rewarded for reporting one Error paid a much higher sum with high priority. This is just beginning 50.000 US-Dollar on and no maximum was given. For the Sony-Fans So it is worth being vigilant and keeping your eyes peeled Bugs to be kept open.

Regarding the PlayStation network, payments of at least 100 US-Dollar For error advertised with low priority, with rewards for finding one Error with high priority 3.000 US-Dollar kick off. All of this sounds to themConsole fans tempting, but actually sums of this amount of Sony paid out? Relevant statistics can be found on the HackerOne website. So all in all already 173.900 US-Dollar have been paid as a reward. In the past three months, 102 reports are said to have been submitted, of which 88 error could already be solved. Officially, 41 people were thanked Bugs discovered and reported to Sony. According to a Sony patent, the PS5 should now have several programs open at the same time.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony/Pixabay/Montage

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