Puebla (1-1) America: Summary of the match and goals


The Eagles earned the right to rest for a week by directly accessing the Mexican soccer league; however, they had the time to prepare well and face Puebla with their best men. Although they are going to visit Cuauhtémoc, they know that they can make a difference from the first leg to ensure a pass in the second leg, in their fortress, the Azteca stadium, so they must go out on the field with the aim of getting the advantage so as not to Seeing so much pressure in the second leg and having a quiet pass to the semifinals to, now, be on the way to seek the tournament title. They have the team to do it, but they must not fall into overconfidence because Puebla can surprise them and leave them behind sooner or later. The Eagle must stay in flight and not plummet.

The ACE to follow from America is Diego Valdesis already completely adapted to the style of the capital, so it is dangerous in the area.