Puebla vs. America: Israel Reyes, the apple of discord

In between Puebla and America central defender Israel Reyes is the apple of discord; For the Apertura 2022 tournament, everything seems to indicate that there will be negotiations between these two institutions for the element that has been of interest for several semesters.

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Reyes has established himself as one of the central defenders with the best future in Mexican soccer; in Puebla they have always been characterized as a team that sells its players. In the case of the Eagles, it is an element that has been pleasing for a long time.

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According to TUDN, in the most recent information, they establish that America will make a new attempt to sign Reyes; although the amounts have not been handled in this regard. It is a fact that those from Coapa want the footballer in their ranks.

The decisive league

In this way, between Puebla and America central defender Israel Reyes is the next big negotiation; the league of the Clausura 2022 tournament will be decisive to finalize any situation.

In case Reyes is specified, in Coapa they would have to make an adjustment in the squad because they would be filled with central defenders; Jorge Meré, Bruno Valdez, Sebastián Cáceres and Jordan Silva They are the ones who make up the rear at the moment.

Recently Reyes signed a renewal contract with Puebla, the same as runs through June 2024; your letter is valued at 4 million dollars. A soccer player who, before the Franja, fulfilled his training in the Rojinegros del Atlas with whom he played from the U-17.

Finally, Reyes has also made a place in the second line of the Mexican National Team; that is, he is not a regular but he is on Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino’s radar.

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