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[The Epoch Times, January 27, 2022]Hello, all viewers and friends, today is January 26th, Eastern Time, and January 27th, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan time. Welcome to “Qin Peng Observation” “Current Events Daily Chat” . I am Qin Peng.

Today’s focus: Another unjust case of Sun Dawu? Hubei peasant entrepreneur Zhang Dewu was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and his daughter once asked the Chinese government to nationalize the company; Tesla sued a video broadcaster with millions of fans, alleging that it was suspected of falsifying test data.

Let’s talk about two latest cases in China today. One is Zhang Dewu, the boss of Hubei Xiangda Group, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Tuesday (January 25). Today (26th), the group issued an official document saying “indignation” and regret, supporting their appeal. In June last year, Zhang Jianhang, Zhang Dewu’s daughter and a doctor of economics studying in the United States, publicly called on the authorities to nationalize enterprises worth 7 billion yuan, which aroused high public attention at that time.

Another major case is that the Tesla China company of the world’s richest man Elon Musk officially filed a lawsuit today against a video broadcaster with tens of millions of fans, because the test video was fake. What we want to discuss today is that this American entrepreneur who is reported to have a good relationship with Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang may never know where a cold arrow will be shot in China.

Another Sun Dawu?Zhang Dewu, founder of Hubei Xiangda Group, sentenced to 13 years

On the morning of January 25, 2022, the case of Zhang Dewu, chairman of Hubei Xiangda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd. and others, was sentenced in the court of Zhuxi County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. He was convicted of other crimes and decided to serve 13 years in prison and fined 60.13 million yuan.

Founded in 2001, Xiangda Group has assets of 7.6 billion yuan, more than 6,000 employees, and more than 10,000 associated farmers. Before the incident, the group’s pig breeding volume ranked first in Hubei Province and eighth in the country, and has been selected as one of the top 500 private enterprises in China for many years. So this case, of course, once again attracted a lot of attention.

After the case was pronounced, on January 16, Xiangda Group issued a public statement, saying, “The management of the group disagrees with the fact-finding of the trial, the application of the law, and the litigation procedures, and retaliated against Mr. I feel indignant and sorry for the severe sentence.” The statement also said that it would support Zhang Dewu and others in their appeal.

At the end of the statement, he also said a meaningful sentence, “A case is the touchstone of the rule of law, and the rule of law is the best business environment.” Deep worry and injustice.

Zhang Dewu’s daughter Zhang Jianhang also said in a subsequent Weibo, “The road to the construction of the rule of law is a long way to go, and we must move forward with a heavy load. Even if there is a ray of sunshine, we must persevere!” The dissatisfaction and unwillingness among them are also vivid on paper. .

The verdict of Zhang Dewu’s case is certainly not surprising at a moment when the CCP is wielding a big stick against private entrepreneurs.

As early as June last year, after Zhang Dewu was arrested, the company was unbearable, and Xiangda Group was widely concerned because it sent an open letter to the secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial governor, asking the government to take over.

At that time, company executives were generally arrested, and 154 million assets were frozen. The members of the task force used violence to collect evidence, and even used employees’ children to force cooperation, putting everyone in the company at risk. Zhang Dewu’s daughter Zhang Jianhang, who was originally a doctoral student in the United States, was forced to return to China to take over the company in a desperate attempt to get it back on track. However, she was threatened by the police for embezzling funds and other charges, and wanted to detain her together. In order to protect the livelihood and safety of more than 5,000 employees of the company and thousands of partners, Zhang Jianhang asked the Chinese authorities to take over the company.

At this time, many people found that Zhang Dewu’s case was very similar to that of private entrepreneur Sun Dawu. Both were found more than ten years ago and had been handled by the local police or court. It was also because the company’s employees later came to the court to petition. After that, he was hated by the local government. Therefore, there is suspicion of waiting for an opportunity to retaliate. Earlier, among the charges against them, there was one more charge, “involving underworld”. Those who know the laws of the CCP may know that this is a terrible charge for entrepreneurs: not only the entrepreneurs themselves will be severely sentenced , even the death penalty, the property of the enterprise will be regarded as the property of the underworld organization, and will be confiscated. Therefore, this is considered a gangster method by the CCP authorities to rob and kill private entrepreneurs outright.

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After extensive attention from the outside world, the CCP authorities may also feel that it is too ugly. In August 2021, when Zhang Dewu was sued in the court, the relevant “gang-related” charges did not appear, and the criminal charges of other executives were also withdrawn. This is the background we have seen in the public statement of Xiangda Group, Zhang Dewu, who was mentioned in the public statement of Xiangda Group, was indignant and regretted by the court’s retaliatory sentence after being ‘picked black’.

But why is the outcome of this case not surprising? Because at that time there was also a news on the Internet about the “three long countersignature” of the case. For example, on June 7, 2021, @xiangda group posted a Weibo saying:[The three long-term countersign, the pre-decision before the trial]The project team of Zhuxi County, Shiyan City took three steps: 1. Pre-determined crime; 2. The whole society Collect clues; 3. Use all means to convict.

This is a very Chinese phenomenon of political interference in the legal system. What does it mean? This generally means that the chief of public security, the chief procurator of the procuratorate, and the president of the court will sign a document together to form a common will. What is even more frightening is that on October 24, 2018, the Anti-gangland Office of the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau issued a “Notice on the assignment of suspected criminal clues to Zhang Dewu and others in Xiangyang City” to the Shiyan City Public Security Bureau’s Anti-gangland Office, requiring “immediately. Report to the main leaders of the Municipal Bureau, quickly set up a special class to carry out verification work, form a written work report in accordance with the regulations and implement the requirements of the ‘three chiefs’ countersignature’, and report it to the provincial department before a certain month.”

That is to say, before Zhang Dewu was arrested in 2019, under the deployment of the Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, a “construction drawing” was designed for the case of Xiangda Group, and the next step was to “construct” according to the drawing, and proceed in turn. The so-called investigation, review prosecution, trial (including the second instance). Because the result has already been determined, the so-called legal process is just a form of deceiving the world.

So, at this point, I think everyone will understand that this is not the rule of law. It’s actually a political case. The black hand behind it should be the secretary of the Hubei Political and Legal Committee. Either he himself was offended, or the leaders above let him go, so he will get this person and handle a major case in the name of being involved in the crime, and he will be rewarded for his merits.

Of course, some people may still want to know more about Zhang Dewu’s guilt and innocence, and whether the verdict of the CCP Zhuxi Court is true? There was a report on China, which mentioned that the indicted case was mainly a case of debt 17 years ago. Zhang Dewu found someone to tie the other party up, and later ignored the staff of the Zhuxi County Quarantine Station and had conflicts. It would be inaccurate to say that there was no fault at all, but these cases were dealt with at the time.

Yi Yanyou, director of the Evidence Law Research Center at Tsinghua University Law School, implicitly accused this of being inconsistent with the CCP’s own laws, saying, “Scientifically speaking, it is not in favor of retrial for the purpose of convicting the defendant, especially if it has already passed the There is a retrial.” He also said that such behavior does not conform to the litigation concept of retrial based on the interests of the defendant, nor does it conform to the principles of litigation efficiency and economy. “If the person commits a heinous crime, such as murder, the retrial will be initiated after such a long time. , it is easy to understand.”

So, why did the CCP prosecute him for such a minor crime 17 years ago? Mainland Chinese media pointed out that one of the triggers for Zhang Jianwu’s punishment by the CCP may be that in 2016, he instructed more than 800 of his employees to petition the court to recover their pension insurance funds, which led to the retrial of the crimes after many years. The purpose is to make more incidents, turn him into a triad, arrest people and steal money.

In addition, I also found that this Zhang Dewu has an upright personality and is very kind to company employees and farmers, but he is not so polite to officials. China’s “Legal and Society” reported that he once accused a certain leader of becoming a sinner to the people of Yicheng.

That’s what we see, in this case.

Private entrepreneur Sun Dawu sued the Industry and Commerce Bureau to court for retaliation

Speaking of which, I think of another famous private entrepreneur, Mr. Sun Dawu, whose experience is very similar to Zhang Dewu. He also started by raising chickens, and later achieved billions of assets and entered the top 500 private enterprises in China. Among the eight charges against Sun Dawu by the CCP, they also include picking quarrels and provoking trouble, gathering crowds to attack state organs, and obstructing public affairs. Many of these cases were also many years ago.

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However, the outside world generally believes that the fuse of Sun Dawu’s arrest by the authorities was the conflict over land use between Dawu Group and Xushui State Farm. The employees and the surrounding villagers are very good, including the establishment of free hospitals, etc., which makes the CCP authorities very jealous and hate. Finally, find an excuse to raid the business. So, as you all know, under the CCP system there is also a charge of “buying people’s hearts” and “competing with the party for the masses”.

In 2020, more than 20 people, including Sun Dawu and the senior management of the group, Sun Dawu’s family (wife, two sons and daughter-in-law), were arrested by Hebei police. On July 28, 2021, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison and a personal fine of 3.11 million yuan. Dawu Group was fined more than 300 million yuan, and 1.4 billion yuan was recovered. His lawyer, Mr. Xie Yanyi, directly stated that this was not a normal legal trial, while another lawyer, Zhang Lei, once said in his defense speech that he really felt what it meant to be “the crime of wanting to be added, and there is no excuse for it.”

In the court’s final self-statement, Sun Dawu once again mentioned the ideal of running a private enterprise, and asked, “Is it dangerous for a private enterprise to become bigger? Isn’t it dangerous for a state-owned enterprise to become bigger?” He also said that he hoped that the practice of Dawu Group would make the country President Xi Jinping knows that socialism works and can stand the test of everyone and history. ——Of course, everyone said, does Xi Jinping know?

While the Internet is one-sidedly regretting him, or condemning the CCP for killing fat pigs, many people also feel sorry for Sun Dawu’s failure to immigrate his personal assets, family members and children in time, and in the end both people and money are empty.

But then, in August, a video of Sun Dawu about immigrating to the United States caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. He said that he was determined not to immigrate, and that it was a shameful thing to serve a plate, which shocked many Chinese netizens. We let it go before, but wanted to review it anyway.

Some Chinese in the United States think that Mr. Sun’s understanding of the United States may stay after the CCP in 1989. In order to deceive the Chinese in the United States to return to China, the TV series “Beijing People in New York” was filmed. Moreover, he also believes that immigrants in the United States are inferior.

Mr. He Jiangbing, a Chinese financial expert, revealed that at least a dozen well-known social figures had persuaded Sun Dawu to emigrate. If he listened, he would at least protect his descendants from the CCP’s persecution. Really sorry.

Of course, at this point, some people may say that Zhang Dewu and Sun Dawu have a bit of a thorn in the official department, and they dared to organize people to petition the court. Sun Dawu even dared to take the illegal industry and commerce bureau to court, so they were retaliated against. So, other private entrepreneurs, if they are honest, don’t talk nonsense, and pay tribute to local officials, then they will be fine, right?

Those who are familiar with the current situation in China, of course, know that this idea is still too naive. CCP officials are all officials and not corrupt. If you pay tribute, won’t you be arrested for bribery one day?

At least hundreds of influential entrepreneurs were arrested and sentenced

In the past 20 years, at least hundreds of influential entrepreneurs in China have been arrested and sentenced, and the famous Hurun China Rich List has long been known as the “killing pig list”. Therefore, every year, someone will pay to beg Hurun not to rank themselves on the list.

In addition, entrepreneurs are arrested from time to time for various reasons. Bo Xilai, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China and former secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, made a name for himself in Chongqing, and many top entrepreneurs were arrested and tortured in the name of the underworld. At that time, more than 50,000 people were illegally arrested, and more than 17,000 people were sentenced to black.

In particular, until now, the local governments of the CCP are generally caught in a financial crisis, and even the salaries of civil servants have been reduced. Under the banner of “common prosperity”, how many entrepreneurs will become victims of the CCP’s black-box operations? ? We don’t know.

In addition, in fact, there is a big knife hanging over the heads of Chinese private entrepreneurs, that is, landlords and capitalists. In the CCP’s Marxist-Leninist fundamentalism, they are themselves sinners. So don’t say that entrepreneurs have the original sin. The CCP’s socialist theory is the original sin.

Elon Musk’s Tesla China fights back against tens of millions of fans

What I just mentioned are Chinese private entrepreneurs, let’s talk about foreign entrepreneurs. Musk, the world’s richest man, seems to have been in constant turmoil since he entered China.

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Today (January 26), according to media reports, Tesla pointed out that it will formally sue Chen Zhengang (account name @小GANSenior) with tens of millions of fans on a Chinese platform, and the reason for the lawsuit is that the test data is false.

What was the cause of this incident? According to IT House, from April 29th to 30th last year, senior @小刚 published two episodes of videos titled “Using his own two cars to do an emergency braking test” on the Internet. The Sla Model 3 and the Xpeng P7 drive towards the already placed paper dummy cars and dolls on the closed road, release the accelerator pedal when the speed is 50 kilometers per hour, and then do not step on the brake pedal. The vehicle’s AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking System) performs active braking, and the test is deemed successful without hitting an obstacle. Let’s take a look at the related video.

As a result of the test, Tesla’s Model 3 failed twice, crashing into paper fake cars and humanoid dolls.

However, when @小刚Senior was testing the Tesla Model 3, it was suspected that he stepped on the accelerator pedal. This can cause the automatic braking system to fail. According to netizens, there was still an energy bar on the top of the car’s central control screen at that time, and a lighter energy bar could be seen before it collided with an obstacle. The energy bar represented that the car had power to output.

So, what will this case look like? I personally think that if Tesla does not have enough evidence, I am afraid it will not make the above-mentioned prosecution, and we also know before that after the lady made a big noise at the Shanghai Auto Show last year, Tesla produced detailed driving record data . This made netizens exclaim that not only the plane has a black box, but Tesla also has a black box!

So, I think the outcome could be good for Tesla.

However, this is not the focus of our program today. What I want to talk about today is Musk, the boss of Tesla. In fact, he has been locked up by the CCP, and the result is not optimistic.

In December last year, the Wall Street Journal reported a shocking inside story called attracting Tesla to set up a factory in China, and the Chinese government even revised the shareholding limit on foreign car companies. But now, Tesla is driving into rough terrain in China.

The report said that after the Sino-US trade war started in 2018, the United States tightened its technology exports to China. In order to develop new innovative industries, Xi Jinping set his sights on Musk. He believes that Musk is a techno-utopian who does not pledge allegiance to any country and may be used by the CCP. As a result, Xi Jinping rewrote the market access rules to allow foreign auto companies to be wholly owned in China, while Li Keqiang offered to give Musk a “Chinese green card” at a meeting in 2019.

Under the lure of the two giants of the Chinese Communist Party, Musk reciprocated by opening up a large number of patents for electric vehicles. This is exactly in line with the CCP’s expectation to use Tesla to support local Chinese companies and develop China’s electric vehicle industry to compete in the world. As a result, we see that in October 2021, Xiaopeng Motors will be listed in the United States, becoming the three major new forces in China’s electric vehicle manufacturing after Weilai and Ideal.

But after the Chinese automakers got access to U.S. technology and funding, we’ve seen hard times for Tesla, with punctuated blows of one kind and another, including national security charges, bans from government offices, and many neighborhoods. The “Wall Street Journal” said that the companies behind the pressure on the CCP’s legislature are China’s two competitors.

However, we have also seen that after the Biden administration came to power, the CCP found that it did not gain the benefits of removing tariffs and loosening technical restrictions as quickly as expected, and Sino-US relations have become increasingly tense. Therefore, in order to save the Chinese economy, which has been repeatedly hit by the trade war, the epidemic and the CCP’s tossing and turning, the CCP has now relaxed the pressure on Tesla’s public opinion, and wants to use Musk and Tesla as the backbone of attracting foreign investment.

So, do you think Tesla will win in the next court trial? Even if it wins once, will Tesla have a better life from now on?

I have always remembered the famous quote of former US President Kennedy, “Those who foolishly ride on tigers in pursuit of power end up being swallowed by tigers.”

For an evil regime like the CCP, it not only wants people’s interests, but also covets people’s bodies and souls. When dealing with it, whether it is Chinese or foreign companies and individuals, no matter how careful you are, you will never know that the CCP is under the CCP. What insidious tricks will one step take.

Well, that’s it for today’s show, thank you for watching, see you tomorrow.

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