“Qinan Al-Ghamdi” reveals what happened between him and Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen because of the news about dogs eating dead bodies in Jeddah..and how the Crown Prince’s speech saved him! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Qinan Al-Ghamdi, revealed what happened between him and Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, the acting Emir of Mecca at the time, due to a crisis caused by news about cemeteries in southern Jeddah. Noting that the speech of Crown Prince Abdullah saved him.

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He said during an interview with the “Al Liwan” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “We had a special weekly issue, and the front page was designed in the form of a magazine cover.” The article was published under the title “Dogs devour dead bodies in Jeddah,” indicating that the Director of Public Relations at the Municipality of Jeddah at that time had a bad relationship with Okaz, especially the editor-in-chief. The newspaper presents materials ready to offend the kingdom to Iran.

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And he continued: “In those days, there were media campaigns between the Kingdom and Iran, and Prince Saud got angry, and the emirate’s deputy called and asked that the editor-in-chief go to the emirate, so I told him that he was sick.”

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He added: After the call, the Assistant Chief of the National Guard called at the time, and Prince Abdullah – who was the Crown Prince and Head of the National Guard – at the time said, he read the matter and decided to donate 5 million to the cemeteries, so I asked the Assistant National Guard to send a letter to the editor-in-chief and clarify this point, and that the Crown Prince was briefed On the topic and donated 5 million, because there is a small problem and it will be solved with this letter, and the letter was sent within half an hour.

He pointed out that he went to meet Prince Saud and was very angry, and said words to the effect of “you do not understand, and these topics can be exploited” – “I received a hot shower” – and after he finished talking, I showed him the letter and told him that His Highness the Crown Prince Abdullah donated 5 million to the cemeteries So he read the letter, and said, I will go.