Quicksink: this is how the new US weapon that aims to revolutionize naval warfare works

Behind the war in Europe, there are more and more new armaments that the powers begin to exhibit. In this caseUSA unveiled the bomba Quicksink, developed by the armed forces of that country, capable of shooting down a ship in a matter of seconds.

As published by the Spanish media ABC, the new weapon could revolutionize the naval wars for its agile operation, which allows it to lock onto a target even from a distance.

“It is unique in the sense that it can provide new capabilities to existing and future weapons systems providing combatant commanders and our national leaders new ways to defend against maritime threats”, said the director of the program, Kirk Herzog on the site of the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

This is how the new US weapon that aims to revolutionize naval warfare works

The research laboratory of the US Armed Forces was commissioned to test in the Golf of Eglin the new pump with several remote steering systems and captured the impressive moment in a video in which it can be seen how the new tool splits a large ship in half.

According to the Spanish media, the new armament has a GPS navigation system in the tail and in its front part it contains a radio frequency seeker that allows maritime targets to be located with greater precision, even when they are in motion.

From the Armed Forces of the United States they emphasize that although “torpedoes predominantly sink enemy ships through submarines, the new methods explored can achieve anti-ship lethality with weapons launched from the air.”

In this way, the United States tries to create a new, lower-cost tool with an effectiveness similar to that of heavy torpedoes such as the MK 48.