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Rabiot and Juventus Turin, it's hot

For Adrien Rabiot, penance will soon end. The team's first loss since this winter, his contract with the club will end on June 30. Despite the opportunity to sign anywhere since January 1, the 24-year-old Parisian has not initialed any contract, if we believe the talks that surround it.

This Thursday, Juventus Turin has publicly discussed the case for the first time. The proof of a certain confidence, which also exists behind the scenes of the club. "We are in the race. There are a lot of teams on him, "the sports director of the Bianconeri slipped into a press conference on the arrival of coach Maurizio Sarri.

"This is a big club where everyone would like to play," the player said last week, on a family holiday in Italy. In Turin, he would find Blaise Matuidi, whose departure he thought would leave him free in Paris.

De Jong signed at Barça

For a long time the future was written in blue and garnet rather than black and white for Rabiot. He imagined nowhere else than at Barca. Today, the track is much less hot. The club has recruited De Jong in this sector of play for 75 million euros excluding bonuses and other emergencies to manage (Neymar, Griezmann).

While the arrival of Leonardo has revived rumors, Adrien Rabiot has no plans to extend to PSG. And if he has shown in recent years that he was not stingy in surprises, his signature at Manchester United would be a half. The Red Devils would always be in the ranks. In the midfield, Ander Herrera is about to join … PSG, and Paul Pogba is also on the start (to Real Madrid or Juventus).


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