Rafael Yanes, forceful in Parliament: “This is unacceptable” | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

Tense committee where there have even been requests for resignation. There has also been a forceful speech by Rafael Yanes, the Common Deputy, who has been waiting for a year for Parliament to call him. “It is a minority that does not comply, but that minority does indeed exist,” Rafael Yanes has sentenced. “Bed bugs in rooms 109 and 190, cockroaches in the kitchen, dining room and warehouse. Bed bugs on floor one, cockroaches and rodents in all rooms. This is unacceptable, even if it is only one,” explained the Deputy of the Common.

Their Lordships agree in apologizing for not knowing that they had this report on the table for eleven months, until it was published Radio Club Tenerife – Cadena SER. “We must all blush before society,” said Poli Suárez, spokesman for the PP. “We apologize for the part that corresponds to our group because this commission has not been held before,” said Cristina Valido (CC). “I apologize for the delay in addressing this report in the Social Rights Commission,” said Podemos spokeswoman María del Río.

Differences of opinion were revealed even within the Government, We can blame the Canary Islands Coalition and a media collusion for the dissemination of the report. However, Teresa Cruz, from the PSOE, distances herself by asking her own government partners not to blame the messenger for a report that embarrasses everyone. “Nothing new under the sun, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s not blame those who bring bad news,” he said.

Although she was present in the room, the Councilor did not intervene during the debate. Noemí Santana avoided answering the direct questions posed by Deputy Vidina Espino, because she asked them during the next item on the agenda where her intervention was scheduled. Espino asked about the number of inspections and the absence of responses from the Ministry to the requirements of the Common Deputy and the councilor refused to answer, claiming that she considered the debate “absurd and miserable.”

For the rest, it was not clear at the Commission whether the problems in the residences are resolved; The report was not entered in depth and solutions were not proposed beyond the 72 million announced by the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra and the increase in inspectors that was already known, in a number that all groups, including the Government , they consider insufficient.