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The shooting murder of Einar, a 19-year-old rapper very popular in Sweden, on Thursday night, has shocked the Scandinavian country.

The crime happened after a series of assaults, kidnappings and criminal cases in recent years illustrating the growing violence in the small Swedish gangsta rap scene, sometimes linked to a nebula of criminal gangs.

The rapper, whose real name is Nils Kurt Erik Einár Grönberg, had already been the subject of a attempted kidnapping in 2020.

Police received notices of gunshots around 9 pm in that district, which is generally quiet, they reported.

The singer was riddled with bullets on a street in the residential neighborhood of Hammarby Sjöstad, outside an apartment building near central Stockholm.

Was seriously injured when emergency services found him, they tried to save him but unfortunately he died on the spot, said Towe Hagg, a spokesman for the Stockholm police.

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The security forces announced that an investigation was opened for his murder with a firearm.

Producer Trobi’s message for Einár’s death.

“I understand that it meant a lot to the young people. It is tragic that one more life has been lost “said outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Löfven from Brussels.

Immediately, thousands of followers and friends of the rapper filled social networks with messages of pain.

“Einár was a true brother to me and I will miss him very much. We just released our first album last week and it seems very strange to me, since I spoke to him just a day ago “producer Trobi wrote on his Instagram account.

“The ‘Nisse’ (short for Nils) that I had the honor of meeting was a loving boy, that’s how I will remember you forever,” said singer Victor Leksell on his social media.

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Protection measures

Rapper Einár became very popular in 2019 with his song “Katten i trakten” (“The cat in the industry), with which he climbed to the top of the charts in Sweden, where received several awards.

Many of his songs talked about crime, drugs, and guns.

The young rapper kept a open conflict with another local rap star, Yasin. The latter was sentenced in July to 10 months in prison for the failed attempt to kidnap Einár in 2020.

During the abduction, the teenager was notably beaten, robbed, photographed in humiliating conditions and subjected to blackmail, according to the Swedish justice.

Another rapper, Haval Khalil, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in this case, for complicity in the kidnapping and robbery. The case is currently on appeal.

According to public radio SR, Einár had to testify before the first instance, but he never appeared, so he had been called again next week.

The artist, who was under protection measures, was suspected of being involved in a knife attack at a restaurant in central Stockholm a few days ago, Swedish media reported.

In 2019, another Swedish rapper, the lesser known Rozh Shamal, was murdered
in a suburb of Stockholm.

In recent years, Sweden has faced a wave of reckoning and deadly shootings attributed to mafia gangs.

As of October 15, 40 people had been killed this year in 273 shootings in this country of 10.3 million people. In 2020, 47 people died, from 366 incidents.

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