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Reflections left by the NFL Wild Card Round

MEXICO – Wild Card Weekend gave us good emotions on Saturday and Sunday.

In total, four teams qualified for the "Divisional Round" and four others have already started their vacations.

With some surprises, the crosses for the Divisional Round of the playoffs were defined. ESPN Digital


Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky and Lamar Jackson debuted in the playoffs. The three charged with the defeat.

The best of them was Trubisky, who threw for more than 300 yards, with a touchdown pass and no turnovers. We could say that it was not for him that the Chicago Bears lost the game.

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On Jackson, it should be said that the post-season game was big.

It is a player who is used to solving complicated moves with his legs and who suffers too much when spaces are closed.

Jackson carried the ball nine times for a total of 59 yards, being the best player of his team on the ground.

By air, the rookie quarterback barely reached 194 yards, although he finished with two touchdown passes.

Far from that explosive version, Jackson ended up being booed by his own audience.

Lamar Jackson finished with 14 completions in 29 attempts with one interception and was sacked seven times. Getty Images


The Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles champions won their respective matches, proving that in this league the locality does not weigh as much as in other sports.


The two best defensive units in points allowed, Chicago and Baltimore Ravens, which in the regular season allowed less than 18 points per game, could not stop the rival attacks. Both are already on vacation.


In almost all of the 32 franchises in the NFL, the place kicker is the player who earns the least money.

This position is so despised that it does not pay much attention to look for someone very reliable.

This Sunday demonstrated the importance of having a kicker in a place of trust.

Mike Badgley set a franchise record with the Los Angeles Chargers connecting five field goals. AP Photo

Mike Badgley of the Chargers got five field goals to score 15 of his team's total 23 points.

Meanwhile, Cody Parkey of Chicago failed a field goal attempt with 8 seconds left, when his team lost by 1 point.

The two extremes, the victory and the defeat in the player's leg of the lowest salary.


As you all know, the six best teams in each conference advance to the postseason. The last of that sowing are theoretically the weakest.

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This weekend, the Indianapolis – with its victory over the Texans – and Philadelphia – which defeated Chicago – advanced to the Divisional Round from sixth place in their respective conferences and at least in the case of the Colts have potential to get a little further.


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott finally had a round performance.

In total, he added 226 passing yards, a touchdown pass and a touchdown touchdown.

Prescott looks very comfortable commanding the offense of the Cowboys. Last week he threw four touchdown passes against the New York Giants, but the best thing is that in that game did not have the support of the runner Ezekiel Elliott.


The veteran quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles remains in a state of grace.

The Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player had enough of a performance to command his team to another postseason victory.

Despite throwing two interceptions, Nick Foles managed to lead the win to Philadelphia.

As in the Super Bowl, the Eagles played in fourth and goal to achieve the touchdown, this time with a pass to Golden Tate.

The question is pertinent: how long will that magic last?



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