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Regulation on the EU digital Covid-19 certificate signed

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A regulation on the European Union (EU) digital Covid-19 certificate has been signed, LETA was informed at the European Commission (EC) Representation in Latvia.

It will apply for 12 months from 1 July 2021.

On Monday, 14 June, the Presidents of the three European Union (EU) institutions – the European Parliament, the EU Council and the EC – attended the official signing ceremony of the regulation on the EU digital Covid-19 certificate, marking the end of the legislative process.

In a joint statement, EP President David Sasoli, EC President Urzula von der Leiena and Portuguese Prime Minister Antoniu Kostta said that the EU’s digital Covid-19 certificate is a symbol of what Europe means – a symbol of a Europe that does not hesitate to face challenges.

“It is a symbol of a Europe that is more united and stronger in the face of challenges. Our EU has once again shown that we work best when we work together. Our authorities reached an agreement on a regulation on the EU digital Covid-19 certificate in a record time of 62 days. As we move forward with the legislative process, we also set up the basic technical architecture of the system, the EU gateway, which has been operational since 1 June, “the statement said.

The EC Representation in Latvia explained that the aim of the EU digital Covid-19 certificate is to facilitate safe and free movement in the EU during the Covid-19 pandemic. All European citizens have the right to move freely, even without a certificate, but the certificate will make it easier to travel, freeing its holders from restrictions such as quarantine.

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The EU digital Covid-19 certificate will be available to everyone and will cover Covid-19 vaccination, testing and disease; will be free and available in all EU languages; will be available in digital and paper format; will be secure and will include a digitally signed QR code.

The EC Representation in Latvia stated that Member States should refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on EU digital Covid-19 certificate holders, unless such restrictions are necessary and proportionate to public health needs.

In addition, the EC undertook to mobilize € 100 million under the Emergency Aid Instrument to support Member States in providing affordable tests.

To facilitate the safe and free movement of citizens during the EU pandemic, the EC proposed on 17 March this year the creation of an EU digital Covid-19 certificate. On 20 May, the two legislators reached a preliminary agreement. On 1 June, the basic technical structure of the systems, the EU gateway, became operational. The gateway allows you to verify the security features contained in the square codes.

Following its formal signature today, 14 June, the regulation will apply from 1 July, but as some Member States need additional time to issue certificates, a phasing-in period of six weeks has been set.

13 Member States have already started issuing EU digital Covid-19 certificates.


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