Residents of Crimea and Donbass should apologize to Ukraine, stated in Kiev

Residents of Crimea and Donbass should apologize to Ukraine,
 stated in Kiev

MOSCOW, March 12 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Senchenko prepared a bill “On Forgiveness”, according to which the inhabitants of the Crimea and Donbass should ask forgiveness from Kiev. The politician wrote about this in Facebook .
Putin: Crimea will never return to Ukraine According to the plan of the politician, the bill will concern those who conduct activities in the interests of the “aggressor state”, by which in Kiev they understand Russia. So, the inhabitants of the Crimea and the Donbass are invited to admit their guilt, repent and apologize for the “crimes” committed. Senchenko proposed limiting the “repentant” in civil rights, in particular, to prohibit them from working in government and participate in elections. Applications for forgiveness should be considered by Ukrainian courts.
As the ex-deputy noted, the procedure of forgiveness is offered only to the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass, as these people “found themselves in the territories controlled by the aggressor, without state protection and under the massive influence of hostile propaganda.”
“For the same actions committed in the interests of the aggressor in the free territory of the country, there can be no forgiveness,” the author of the initiative stressed.
Senchenko in the spring of 2014 temporarily served as deputy head of the presidential administration.
The Ukrainian general compared Crimea with the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” Earlier in Ukraine, the law on the reintegration of Donbass came into force. In the document, Russia is called an “aggressor”, and territories beyond the control of Kiev are “occupied”. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a participant in the internal Ukrainian conflict and is not involved in the events in the Donbass. Crimea became Russian in March 2014 following the referendum, more than 95 percent of the residents of the peninsula spoke for reunification.

“The guilt complex is not to impose”
In the Crimea, immediately responded to the legislative initiative of Senchenko.
Thus, the vice-speaker of the parliament of the republic Yefim Fix stated that the inhabitants of the peninsula should not ask anyone for forgiveness for returning to their historical homeland, unlike the Ukrainian authorities, who seek to harm by any means.
“The Crimeans themselves will understand and will work for the good of the Crimea.We will create and raise those who did not have time to break up in the times of Ukraine, who will ask for forgiveness? There will come a time when they will ask forgiveness before the Crimeans for everything they have done in the Crimea” , – said RIA Novosti Fix.
Ukraine was told how to “return” the Crimea with trolleybuses He recalled the water, energy and transport blockades of the peninsula. As the Crimean politician, deputy Ruslan Balbek noted, Ukrainian politicians will not be able to impose a guilt complex on people who can not ask for forgiveness.
“Official Kiev plays an evil and kind policeman.” First, we were given blockades, then threw saboteurs, and now they say, they say, we’ll all forgive. ” – he said.
The head of the Crimean public chamber, Grigory Ioffe, believes that Senchenko thus hopes to return his lost assets on the peninsula, received “by questionable methods.”
“Therefore, these idiotic ideas are drawn that someone should apologize for something.If you start talking about apologies, then Senchenko before the Crimeans should have to apologize for an inconclusive amount of time,” he said.
“They found it unnecessary”: Ukraine was told why Kiev did not fight for the Crimea According to him, the former Crimean politicians compete with each other, who will draw more apocalyptic picture, waiting Peninsula “after returning to Ukraine.” “This is due to the fact that they, as political emigrants, are not needed by anyone in Ukraine, no one knows anything about them, no one understands their grief and unhappiness in connection with what they have lost,” Ioffe concluded.
Senchenko will apologize
In turn, Senator Sergei Tsekov said that Senchenko is now inventing various actions against the Crimea and “very proud of this.”
“As for the apology, there will come a time when individuals like Senchenko will apologize to the citizens of Ukraine and Crimeans before everyone without any law, I am sure that we will not have to wait this long,” Tsekov said.
Opinion of the political scientist
Political scientist Alexander Asafov believes that although Andrei Senchenko no longer belongs to the highest echelon of the Ukrainian authorities, but his initiative fits into the logic of Kiev’s policy.
“The ideology of” humanization “has always been characteristic of the supporters of Bandera nationalism, which has successfully become the ideological basis of the current Kiev government,” he said. on air radio Sputnik .
According to him, the lack of attention in the West to the processes taking place in Ukraine can not but surprise.
“The international community is hurt by some kind of selective blindness, this applies to the marches of SS veterans in the Baltics, and the” inconspicuous “radical nationalism in Ukraine,” the political scientist said.
In his opinion, one should not wait for conviction, and if it does, it will not be decisive.
“Europe and the US still maintain a favorable attitude toward Ukraine, explaining its similar ideological” jumps “some regional features,” Asafov concluded.

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