residents of the Saint-Bruno district worried three days after a new shooting, to be seen again in the JT of France 3 Alpes

Three days after the shooting that broke out in the heart of the Saint-Bruno district in Grenoble, residents remain worried and fear for their safety. Fabienne Lewandowski, departmental director of public security for Isère, was the guest of 19/20 from France 3 Alpes.

Saturday October 1, around 11:30 a.m., four hooded individuals opened fire on the walls of a bar located in the heart of the Saint-Bruno district, in Grenoble. Disturbing facts followed by a chase with the police.

Chased by the police, one of them was arrested, injured in the shoulder by a police shot. His vital prognosis is not engaged. The other three people managed to escape.

No other individual was injured. But, three days after the events, concern and incomprehension won over the residents of the district. Especially since this shooting follows other similar events in Grenoble. Last July, for example, shots were fired at Place Hoche, near the city center, killing one person.

The departmental director of public security (DDSP) of Isère, Fabienne Lewandowski, is the guest of the 19/20 of France 3 Alpes and will discuss these recent shootings and their consequences.

To see or see again in the 19/20 of France 3 Alpes on Tuesday October 4th. And in the rest of the news:

Despite positions promised by national education, there is a lack of more than 250 accompanying persons for students with disabilities (AESH) in Haute-Savoie. The situation is worrying, especially in the schools of Chablais where a group of parents is mobilizing to try to be heard. A day of mobilization is scheduled for Wednesday, October 5.

Winter is coming. And with it, equipment for cars. From November 1 and until March 31, snow tyres, chains and even socks will again be compulsory on certain roads in the Alps. In all, 34 departments are subject to this regulation. This is the case of Savoie, where the first motorists are preparing.

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Bigger, faster, more powerful. The emergency department of Grenoble hospital has acquired a new helicopter to carry out rescue missions or transfers between two establishments. It is an Airbus H 145 D3, nicknamed “Vitamin 14” for its power. The other aircraft dated from 1997 and performed nearly 1 500 transports each year.

Already eliminated from the Champions League, the Grenoble residents welcome, this Tuesday, October 4, the Swedes from Frolunda Göteborg to the South Pole. The Wolf Burners will have a lot to do for their last home game against the most successful club in the competition.

Thirty years ago, the wolf reappeared in France, in the Southern Alps, from Italy. The same year, a first specimen had been shot by a shepherd. A mistake because he had confused it with a dog. Expertized and stuffed, this wolf is still on display at the Grenoble Natural History Museum. A way to document and preserve the species.

The designer Jean-Marc Rochette (Ailefroide, The Transperceneige) is exhibited in Grenoble. The opportunity to discover the original boards of his comic strips, but also, paintings or sculptures. A rich and abundant universe, often focused on mountains and animals.