Washington, USA.- In the United States, as more states began to legalize marijuana beyond medical applications, different commercial ideas began to present products with the substance. Now, more and more restaurants and spas incorporate marijuana into their menus or food menus. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel offers a variation of a famous drink made with rum, mint and lemon that includes cannabidiol, for $ 18. "The relaxing effect of this mojito is very profound," a celebrity at the hotel, Jessica Schupack, a resident of Los Angeles, told the newspaper. Peter Hansen, the hotel's food and beverage director, told the Times that the CBD menu will continue. Increasing: "Our clients ask for all the offers frequently, and they ask us for more options". The Solage resort spa, in the Napa Valley, incorporated CBD oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties, to its services. Her exfoliating facial and body massages promise to help relieve pain, anxiety and eczema. Among clients, teenagers choose it for its acne relief effects. In general, the combination of massage together with a substance that allows relaxation and has no psychotropic effects stands out as the difference with other facial or body treatments. For now it is not open to the public. But, by invitation, a group of people arrived at the Thompson Seattle Hotel to try different types of marijuana combined in their dishes by the chef Derek Simcik. Simcik announced to The New York Times that the hotel will organize more events like that, but with sale of tickets to the general public. "Dinners are fun but they do not try to get people out of drugs," he said. "The goal is to highlight marijuana in an innovative way."


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