“Reversing Brexit is not a sign of credibility”

The war of the scallops – The attack, direct and stinging, is aimed at the prime minister Boris Johnson, after the outbreak of the dispute over the rights of the fishing in the waters between the two countries. The tensions stem from the number of fishing licenses granted by London to French fishermen. Paris considers them too small and in breach of London’s commitments under the agreements post-Brexit. The confrontation flared up again when the Macron administration announced retaliatory measures starting November 2, unless British policy respects the licensing pacts by that date.

Credibility question – Macron, in the interview, said: “This is not a problem only for Europeans but for all their partners, because when you spend years negotiating a treaty and then a few months later you do the exact opposite of what is decided, on the aspects that suit you least, it’s not a great sign of credibility

Boris between two fires – At the center of the discussion there seem to be only a dozen small French boats. In reality, the whole post-Brexit balance between France and the UK is being renegotiated. Boris Johnson finds himself caught between two fires: between the accusations of lack of credibility coming from Macron and the compromises that the EU is seeking to overcome the problems created in northern Ireland, on the controls of goods.

The thaw – The suspicion that the French have towards the British government seems to have subsided, however, towards the United States. Emmanuel Macron and the US president Joe Biden they met on the sidelines of the G20 summit to reaffirm their cooperation. A warm handshake, smiles, pats on the back. On the door of Villa Bonaparte in Rome the thaw between the two presidents is staged in their first meeting after the “submarine crisis“, which erupted between the two sides of the Atlantic in September.

The showdown – The face to face with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, is expected for Sunday, on the sidelines of the G20 under the Italian presidency. Among the topics of the meeting it seems that there are the climate, bilateral relations, international dossiers such as Iran or Afghanistan but above all the thorny question of fishing in the Channel.