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Rewe: Boy bites into meatloaf and makes questionable find

In a Rewe supermarket in Bavaria, a woman buys Leberkäse for self-baking. When her son bites into it, he makes a frightening discovery.

Olching – Claudia D. likes to eat liver cheese for her life, but that's just what happened to her for a while. "I still shudder at the thought of it," says the 50-year-old. Late Wednesday afternoon, according to cash register, at 17.12 clock, the Olkhinger has bought a kilo of meat for self-baking at the in-house butcher in Geiselbullacher Rewe Center. She has been a customer there for 15 years. She also bought Laugenstangerl, because her son likes to eat the Leberkäse.

The cash register shows: The woman bought the Leberkäse at 17.12 clock in Rewe in Geiselbullach.

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16-year-old bites in Leberkäse – and makes shocking find

After a long day at work, the two wanted to treat themselves to a nice snack. But nothing came of it. When the 16-year-old bit heartily into the first steaming slice, he was frightened. "There were really sharp-edged metal particles in it," says the mother. She immediately inspected the whole liver cheeses. "He was riddled with the things." A lot of little shreds, like aluminum foil. "From a machine that can not come," says D .. She knows: The 50-year-old is a teacher at the vocational school for butchers.

These metal chips found a mother in a Leberkäse to bake.

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Mother complains of Leberkäse with metal splinters, but she was not the only affected person

Claudia D. drove the same evening, 40 minutes before closing time, again to the Geiselbullacher supermarket. She reclaimed the goods and immediately got her money back, without apology or a word of regret, she says. In the further conversation it turned out then: "The lady at the information knew long ago." And that since 15 o'clock, since she began her service. Apparently, D. was not the only customer complaining about the dangerous side dish.

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At the butcher's counter in the supermarket Frau makes another discovery

The 50-year-old then looked once again to the butcher: The Leberkäse had still been for sale. "This is completely negligent," the Olchingerin outraged. She can understand that this can happen. Only: "That one resells the goods, although one knows what's going on, does not work."

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Metal splinters in Leberkäse: This is how Rewe reacted in Geiselbullach

Company spokeswoman Ursula Egger responds to tagblatt request surprised at the descriptions of Claudia D. Rewe is merely known that there were problems with the Leberkäsbrät on Monday. A couple complained about it, but only on Wednesday. "On Thursday we stopped the production immediately." The butcher-cutter – a machine that minces the meat for the Leberkäse – is extensively checked. The goods are freshly made in the Geiselbullacher supermarket. "The batch must also be sold on the same day, which is like the minced meat." The rest is disposed of. That makes it difficult to find out what had gone wrong the day before. The Leberkäse in Geiselbullacher Rewe will now be purchased. On Thursday, the entire meat production was also stopped in this market. This was announced by the market. For Claudia D. this is no longer relevant. "They will not see me at the bar so fast anymore."

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