Robert Shapal. Summer is a good time to increase the company’s awareness

It is often thought that in the summer, when most people are on holiday, it is not worth spending time on business to communicate. There is a stereotype that people do not read the news or visit social networks less at that time. In my opinion, this is a misconception. The warmest time of the year can be one of the best moments to increase your communication, as long as the company uses it properly.

When competitors rest, you grow

With the advent of news portals and social networks, news publishing has become more common than before. It is not surprising, therefore, that businesses have begun to fight more for customer attention as a result of new communication channels. This can be seen in the number of weekly news uploads on social networks or the number of press releases written by companies. Still, summer is usually the time when businesses reduce their frequency of communication as more employees go on vacation. According to Eurostat, Europeans spend most of their holidays in July-August.

So in the summer, less competition from companies in the field of communication opens up a good opportunity for other companies to be more visible than before. News portals, as usual, actively share current affairs with readers. Therefore, even in the summer, journalists are waiting for interesting content.

Summer is an ideal time for businesses to share news and social space. Reducing communication for many businesses also reduces competition on social networks. This way, company-uploaded messages can reach a larger audience than usual.

The myth that people don’t read the news in the summer

Another reason why companies often reduce their communication outside in the summer is the thought that people do not visit news portals or social networks while on holiday. According to the data of the online market research company Gemius Baltic, in 2021. May. The most visited news portal in Lithuania Delfi received an average of 659 thousand. in June – 655 thousand, in July – 654 thousand, and in August – 688 thousand. As we can see, there was a slight decrease in visitors at the beginning of the summer, and their number increased rapidly in August. As for social networks, according to datareportal.comk, in 2021. In April, the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, had 2.853 billion active users per month, and 2.855 billion in July. Based on the data provided, we can conclude that summer is not the time when people use Facebook less. Interestingly, according to statistics from, reading the news is among the top 3 reasons people use soc. networks.

What to communicate in the summer

With regard to summer publications, it should be understood that at this time of year, people are more likely to read lighter content that would be useful especially during the holidays. For example, if you work in a restaurant business, you could share insights, recipes about making food in nature. If you are from the IT sector, it is useful to talk about mobile apps that are worth using when traveling. If it is popular in your company to work remotely, share your experience of what you need to know when working during the holidays, and how to avoid mistakes. If you have been organizing summer parties for colleagues for many years, share your impressions on how to organize a party.

When on holiday, people often not only spend time resting passively, but also seek to learn something new or even spend time repairing their home. So there are plenty of topics for businesses to share in the summer. All you have to do is pick up a piece of paper and write down topics that would be of interest not only to you in the summer, but also to your existing or potential customers.

However, if you think you have no ideas for posts, I suggest taking the time to get to know the journalists who write about your sector on news portals better. Sent Email a letter to a journalist with a presentation of the company, areas of activity, topics you have insights into can help you find interesting articles in the future.

Famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, speaking of his success, has said that while his competitors were sleeping or resting, he worked hard on the gym. If you are a small company or have a limited communication budget, take advantage of summer as a time when your competitors are less in the public space and actively communicate with your customers.