Rolls-Royce creates the world’s fastest electric airplane

The manufacturer Rolls-Royce developed an electric aircraft that will be considered one of the fastest aircraft in the world

The aircraft is awaiting certification as the fastest electric aircraft

Regeneration, November 22, 2021. The British car company Rolls-Royce, unveiled the characteristics of its fully electric aircraft, which qualify as the fastest in the world.

Through a press release, the company Rolls-Royce He assured that his aircraft has already set three world records in terms of travel speed.

Therefore, the electric plane is considered the fastest aircraft in the world. His name is Spirit of Innovation (Spirit of innovation translated into Spanish).

The manufacturer carried out some tests last week at the facilities of an aerodrome in the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.

During testing, the Spirit of Innovation it reached a maximum speed of 555.9 km / h in a length of 3 kilometers.

This mark surpassed the 337.50 km / h set as a record in 2017 for an electric powered aerobatic aircraft Siemens.

On the other hand, the electric plane of Rolls-Royce managed to be the fastest to reach 3,000 meters in height with a time of 202 seconds, cutting 60 seconds from the previous mark.

Finally, the data from Spirit of Innovation were sent to the International Aeronautical Federation, which controls and certifies world aeronautical and astronautical records.

This ship could be used as an air taxi

The characteristics of the electric plane ‘Spirit of Innovation’

Rolls-Royce indicated that the ‘Spirit of Innovation‘is a light ship that has a 400 kW electric motor.

Among other characteristics, it has batteries that are identified as having the “highest power density ever assembled in the aerospace industry,” the statement said.

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In another vein, the company seeks to achieve decarbonization in aeronautics, taking into account that this would be a transformation in the industry.

Eventually, the manufacturer hopes that this all-electric aircraft will become a type of air taxi.

Nevertheless, Rolls-Royce it is already planning a large plane to carry a larger number of passengers.