“RTL Announces New Team for the Upcoming NFL Season, Including Head Coach Nadine Nurasyid”

The RTL team for the upcoming NFL season!

As part of a big performance in Deutsche Bank Park, the home of Eintracht Frankfurt, the private broadcaster presented its new team.

Also present: commentator Frank Buschmann.

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For some, “Buschi” is a cult, for others a pain in the ass. After the official event, he spent several minutes among the crowd of fans – members of the German fan clubs of the 32 NFL teams were invited – and tried to explain the RTL concept to hardcore fans as well.

Buschmann: “I’ll tell you something, in three years we’ll talk a lot about Nadine.”

What is meant is Nadine Nurasyid, head coach of the Munich Cowboys.

The RTL team for the upcoming NFL season

Photo: RTL / Pervin Inan-Serttas

Buschmann also becomes clear in conversation with the fans: “The quota that has existed so far is enough for RTL zero!”

He also explains: “Sometimes I blame you when you say: the bushman is just yelling. That is not right. I don’t always scream! Only if the situation demands it.”

How does the transition from “ran” to Cologne’s private broadcaster work? Buschmann reveals: “I have a lot more sleeves in mind. I don’t know if we’re going to win over the classic RTL viewers, and then Werner and Esume talk about trailing testicles.” A funny expression that ranNFL liked to use.

In conclusion, he explains: “Before I signed with RTL, I worked with Sebastian (Vollmer; d. Red.) spoken. It’s about time he came back. He helped build it all.”

2023-05-26 13:27:23

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