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Home News Russian secret service: 17-year-old perpetrates attack on FSB office

Russian secret service: 17-year-old perpetrates attack on FSB office

  • In the northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk, a 17-year-old has blown himself up in an office of domestic intelligence FSB.
  • The facts are unclear, three officials were injured.

At the explosion in a building of the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB in the port city of Arkhangelsk in the north of the country authorities start from an act of terrorism.

A 17-year-old had entered the FSB building Wednesday morning and brought a tinkered explosive from a bag that exploded a short time later at the entrance in his hands, said the National Counter-Terrorism Committee of Russia. Three FSB officials were injured, the teenager died himself. The State Investigation Committee has opened proceedings for terrorism and possession of explosives.

The facts are still unclear. According to Russian sources, the dead are from Arkhangelsk. After the incident, security measures had been strengthened in all public buildings in the region.

Only in April 2017 had there been an attack on an office of the FSB in Eastern Siberia. An armed man shot dead two people and was subsequently killed himself. The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) had claimed the deed for itself.



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