Sad, this is the confession of the perpetrator of the murder of the beautiful student Naira Ashraf

Friday, June 24 2022 – 11:15 WIB

LIVE Showbiz – The murder of Naira Ashraf, a student in Egypt who was stabbed by a man, shocked the public because it took place in daylight and in front of many eye witnesses.

Naira Ashraf is a student at Mansoura University who was stabbed several times by a man after she rejected the man’s proposal.

Reported The South AfricanEgypt Independent reported that the perpetrator, named Mohammed Adel, had admitted during interrogation that he had committed a crime.

The man also spoke about prosecution through how the incident at the crime scene unfolded.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022 local time, the Public Prosecutor decided to detain the suspect, Adel, for four days pending investigation.

In a statement, Egypt’s public prosecutor said it had heard testimony from 20 witnesses, including Naira Ashraf’s parents and sister, who confirmed Adel’s continued abuse of the victim.

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Tragedy of Naira Ashraf .’s murder

This happened because Naira Ashraf had an unsuccessful relationship with Adel and rejected the man’s proposal.