Salma Hayek posts natural selfies without makeup, not hiding her wrinkles and gray hair

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“Me waking up in the morning and counting how many gray hairs and wrinkles have poured into the party this morning,” the actress wrote on her Instagram account Salma Hayek, posting a close-up portrait of her face with no makeup and apparently no digital filters. And fans shower her with words of love and compliments.

What we see in the selfie Salmy Hayekshould not come as a surprise – mimic wrinkles, small pimples and imperfections, shiny forehead. There are also gray tufts among the disheveled hair. This year, Salma Hayek will celebrate her 57th birthday, and in this context, you might think that the star’s natural appearance is more indicative of good shape, great genes and attachment to care, but Hollywood stars have not accustomed us to similar selfies. Showing the consequences of age is a relatively new phenomenon in the film world, where until recently the position of actresses was primarily determined by their physical attractiveness.

Recall that the Mexican actress appeared in Hollywood thanks to the role of Carolina alongside Antonio Banderas in the film “Desperado(1995). Then Salma Hayek starred in such productions as “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “To Like Or To Marry”, “Dogma”, “Wild Wild West” or “Frida”.

Salma Hayek’s selfie with no makeup and no filters is praise natural beauty

In the photo she published, Salma Hayek is also disarmingly honest in her facial expression – she does not smile, she does not pose, her slightly sleepy gaze may seem surprising, given the neighboring posts in evening dresses from the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. However, faithful fans will notice that the actress has been diversifying the message for a long time, smuggling, for example, natural photos in a bathrobe with the comment “Thank God, it’s Friday” or a recording in an orthopedic collar that she wore a few weeks ago. However, she has never been so honest and uncompromising, and the slight blurriness of the selfie may indicate that the decision to make it public was spontaneous.

The Internet reacted enthusiastically to the move. “But still gorgeous”, “The most beautiful Mexican in the world”, “Real leather is hot” – we read in the comments. It is worth noting that the role she created in “Frida” is considered the greatest role of the actress. Hayek played the title artist, bringing out a strong personality from her, emerging from a male shadow.

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