Reintroduce the mandatory leverage? A "pallino" of Matteo Salvini – always favorable – but that clashes with the need to have soldiers always well trained and prepared.

"It's a romantic idea, but our soldiers are and must be professionals and Salvini also agrees on this aspect", they say today – after last night the minister has re-launched the hypothesis – sources of Defense that remember how on question has already been expressed by Elisabetta Trenta.

That of the League leader is in fact an idea that has as its objective not so much to have a larger army, as to allow children to do a training experience. "We do well to study the costs, the ways and the times, if and how when we reintroduce the military service or the civil service for our boys and girls for a few months", Salvini explained in the evening at Lesina (Foggia). So at least they learn a bit 'of education that mom and dad can not teach ".


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