Samantha Steenwijk after gossip about partner: ‘True, but painful that other people’s suffering is enjoyed’ | show

Again it was Yvonne Coldeweijer who came up with spicy gossip about Samantha Steenwijk. This time it was her partner Daisy, who was accused of cheating. The singer felt compelled to make a statement this afternoon. “If something is true, something is true, even if the details of the information that came out were not quite right,” she writes, among other things.

She explains that her partner Daisy confessed to cheating a few years ago, but that this is now a closed book. ‘We would have preferred to keep this private. Raising this also has no added value at all’, says Steenwijk. ‘It was the deepest valley we have been in, but we have always believed in our love and have come out of this much stronger. I find it very unfortunate that my wife Daisy’s privacy and my own have been invaded without any public interest being served.’

She criticizes Coldeweijer’s role in this. ‘We find it most painful that there are people who enjoy other people’s suffering and that this is the way we treat each other in our society.’

Steenwijk and Coldeweijer met in court earlier this year. Coldeweijer had claimed on her juice channel that Steenwijk had used illegal diet pills. However, according to the judge, she could not prove this and it ruled that the gossip vlogger had to post a rectification on her channel.

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