Sanju, look at this crocodile, or the first game will be ruined

Sanju, look at this crocodile, or the first game will be ruined

With the new season of the IPL set to begin on March 26, all the teams are training to forget Kaimei. Many players are also gearing up to make their comeback through the IPL.

Natarajan, the young star of Sunrisers, is one of those who are preparing to celebrate his return in this way. The video of the player’s practice session is now the main topic of discussion in the IPL world.

The video of Natarajan throwing the ball on the net has gone viral.

The player bowls in the textbook definition of pace bowling. The player throws every ball in his practice session to make sure the batters are watered down by throwing toe crushing yorkers.

The player throws the ball aiming for only one stump. The video also shows him not only throwing the ball but also breaking the stump.

The team shared the video with the note that he will not break your legs, he will break the stump.

Sanju and his friends are heartbroken when they watch Natarajan’s deadly pace videos. Rajasthan’s first match in the IPL is against Sunrisers.

Hyderabad’s strength lies in the fact that they have the potential to cast a shadow over Sanju’s hopes of a successful start to the first match.

The match will be played on March 29.

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