sanju samson interview, Many teams called him but he didn’t go, Forget about Sanju Samson leaving Rajasthan Royals for now!! – when sanju samson says winning matches for rajasthan royals is a special feeling

Deceiving Rajasthan is a different type of happiness

Sanju Samson explained why he stayed in Rajasthan last year during Wonderwall Media’s Basil Meets Sanju. Sanju said that he had received offers from many teams before the 2022 auction, and that the final decision was in his hands, but he made it clear that winning a game against a team like Rajasthan gives him special joy and that is why he is staying there.

Sanju’s words

“Before the IPL auction, new teams were approached. Teams including Mumbai were approached. The choice was in my hands. I can stay in R6 or join a new team. It was such a choice. Then one thought that came to my mind is that if I go to a big team, I will definitely cheat, one of it. But to win a trophy with this RR, or to win a game for them, it’s a different type of joy. People will say what’s RR. So I love the ability to lead a team like that and perform for them.” Sanju said.

Sanju’s target is the cup with Rajasthan

Sanju, who was not ready to leave Rajasthan despite offers from bigger teams, must have been aiming to win the title with Rajasthan Royals. Because of that, fans should not fear that he will leave the team. Sanju is a player who loves the Rajasthan Royals team that brought him up. So it is almost certain that he will be there for the coming season as well.

Sanju in IPL

Sanju made his IPL debut in 2013 playing for Rajasthan Royals. Sanju, who wore the Rajasthan jersey from 2013 to 2015, played for the Delhi franchise in the 2016 and 2017 seasons when the franchise was banned. Sanju returned to Rajasthan Royals in 2018 and later saw him become one of their all-time greats. Sanju captained Rajasthan in 2021 and led them to the IPL final the following season. Sanju could not fulfill his dream of crowning with Rajasthan in 2022 as well. This time, Rajasthan could not even reach the playoffs. Sanju has scored 3888 runs at a batting average of 29.23 in 152 matches in the IPL so far.