Sans Tabou: center, mortgage on ceasefire agreements

Several agreements have recently been signed between communities and terrorist groups in the region of Mopti and Ségou. In that of Niono in the region of Ségou, it was agreed to make a truce in order to stop resorting to violence. As soon as this agreement was signed, the guns continued to be heard. So is this the end of the ceasefire?

The Minister of National Reconciliation, Colonel-Major Ismaël WAGUE, was before the National Transitional Council a few days ago. He was responding to oral questions from a member of the CNT on the reconciliation process and the content of the agreements signed here and there in order to restore peace.
On that day, the minister was delighted with these agreements, which made it possible to bring calm in places. Also, these agreements made it possible to have a ceasefire. But the aforementioned agreements, barely signed and implemented that the stakeholders resumed hostilities. Proof: the recent clashes between the Malian army and a terrorist group which have caused many casualties.
Indeed, according to a statement from the Chief of the General Staff of the Armies on Monday, an ambush was set for Malian soldiers in the afternoon of April 24, 2021. It was in the Sabéré Mbamba sector, circle of Niono. Also according to the Chief of the General Staff of the armed forces, a reconnaissance made it possible to locate the terrorist group responsible for the attack.
Two days later said group was the target of a combined FAMa-Barkhane action in the Alatona sector. After sweeping the area, the provisional results are as follows: friendly side: no loss or injury is to be deplored. Enemy side: 26 terrorists neutralized, two pickups destroyed, one pickup recovered and a large quantity of weapons seized.

This attack and the army’s response, in collaboration with Barkhane, then dealt a blow to the ceasefire signed in particular in Niono. But the question that arises is whether this operation, which amounts to a violation of the ceasefire, will call into question the entire content of the signed agreement.
In any case, which is certain, the content of this agreement is controversial by a significant part of the population on the grounds that it is liberticidal and paves the way for the application of Sharia law in certain localities in a secular country.
The other aspect is the effectiveness of the agreements signed by terrorist groups since they are not generally respected.

By Sikou BAH



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