Santa Fe tied 2-2 with Once Caldas

Santa Fe tied 2-2 with Once Caldas

MPSPORTIMAGES – In a frantic game over the final, Santa Fe and Once Caldas equalized, 2-2, at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium for the 15th date of the I-2018 League. From the start of the game, Santa Fe appealed to control the game from possession, avoiding surprises from Once Caldas. The tactical work of the premises did not allow that the manizaleño set constructed game in offensive. At minute 16, Anderson Plata put a center, which was closed to demand José Fernando Cuadrado and avoid the fall of his porch. Santa Fe, two minutes later, approached the goal through Wilson Moreno, who tried to score after a rebound inside the area but a defender of the Manizaleño team avoided the goal. Hubert Bodhert made the necessary adjustments in Once Caldas, giving income to Yesus Cabrera, who activated pass lines and managed to generate danger in the opposite field. At 37 ‘, Once Caldas took the pressure off and printed vertigo to their offensive advances, to get the opportunity at the feet of Luis Sinisterra, but the leather was stopped by Robinson Zapata. The insistence gave a reward at minute 41, with Luis Sinisterra’s header, behind the center of Edder Farías, putting the 0-1. At the close of the first half, the two teams played the ball in the midfield and no damage was done in the areas, so Once Caldas kept the advantage. For the second part, the party had more uninterrupted traffic in the midfield, being a favorable scenario for Once Caldas that needed to move the defensive block of the ‘cardinal’ frame. The actions in the areas were reduced and Santa Fe began to handle the ball, pushing against his own goal to the ‘white-white’ frame and increase the chaces of scoring in his favor. The Caldas planted a dense defensive block and with many men in maximum 25 meters, forcing a lot of play in the field opposite to Santa Fe. After 80 minutes, the commitment intensified and went into vertigo, where the teams combined to score three goals. In the 84th minute, Santa Fe achieved parity with the powerful shot by Almir Soto, who chased a rebound and from mid distance drew to achieve the 1-1. When he seemed to see the comeback for Santa Fe, at minute 87, Édder Farías managed to regain the advantage for Once Caldas, liquidating a formidable counterattack to reach 1-2. Santa Fe did not make any effort and threw the body on Once Caldas, who barely resisted before the aggressive offensive of the ‘Cardinal’. At 89 ‘, Pajoy executed a corner kick and Wilson Morelo, head, put the final score in a draw, 2-2. In the epilogue of the duel, the referee Wilmar Roldan left with 10 men to Once Caldas, for the expulsion to Diego Peralta who would have exaggeratedly exaggerated the referee. Also, at 95 ‘, Morelo faced inside the area and fired in search of victory, but ran into goalkeeper Cuadrado. That way, equality remained, two goals, in the Nemesio Camacho El Campin. Santa Fe reached 18 points, in box 13 of the table, while Once Caldas reached 23 units, in sixth place. In the following presentation, on the 16th date of the League, the ‘cardinal’ team will visit La Equidad, while the ‘white-white’ will receive Patriotas FC at the Palogrande stadium.

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