Say goodbye to the V8 engine and replace it with a 4-cylinder PHEV, Mercedes-AMG releases C63 SE Performance | U-CAR News

Mercedes-AMG released a new generation of C63 SE Performance, as previously revealed by the chief engineer in an interview, abandoning the classic V8 engine and replacing it with a PHEV plug-in oil consisting of a 469-hp 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and a 201-hp electric motor. Electric hybrid system, the longitudinal effect of horsepower reaches 670 horsepower spectrum. As in the past, the C63 SE Performance is available in both touring and station wagon versions.

Mercedes-AMG released a new generation of C63, this generation only C63 SE Performance model.

As for the two-door and convertible models, they will be included in the subsequent CLE series. There is no difference between C63 and C63 S in this generation. Mercedes-AMG only launched the C63 S version. Due to the replacement of the PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system, E Performance was added to the model name. The full name of the model is C63 SE Performance.

Externally, the front wheel arches of the C63 SE Performance are 76mm wider than the average C-Class, and are equipped with an AMG radiator grille with active louvers that can be opened or closed according to engine cooling needs. Due to the addition of an additional cooling mechanism, the length of the front bumper is also increased by about 50mm, and the matching hood air outlet is also a rare design for AMG.

The C63 SE Performance is equipped with a PHEV plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor, with a maximum vertical efficiency of 670 horsepower.

The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine used in the C63 SE Performance is the same as the C43 or SL43, with a large turbo and high boost settings, which can output powerful power. However, the small displacement engine promotes the large-size turbo, which is prone to turbo lag. To solve this problem, Mercedes-AMG adopts the technology from the Mercedes F1 racing car and integrates a 400V electric motor to help the turbo move faster. Therefore, the light engine can output 469 horsepower, which is the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in Mercedes-Benz’s production models.

The capacity of the 6.1kWh high-voltage battery on the car is not large for a PHEV system, so the C63 SE Performance can only travel about 12 kilometers in pure electric mode, which is far from the 110 kilometers of the C300e. AMG product manager Arne Wiebking said: “This car is built for performance, not long-distance driving in pure electric mode.” The main function of the electric motor is to make up for the empty windows of the gasoline engine, and the pure electric mode is more like a function that exists to not disturb the neighbors in the morning.

In fact, although the C63 SE Performance uses a PHEV plug-in hybrid system, the owner does not need to charge the car from time to time. Most PHEVs will reduce the output of the electric motor after the power is exhausted due to the poor charging efficiency of the engine, so it is ideal to use charging piles as much as possible. The C63 SE Performance is equipped with a high-performance battery and has a direct cooling design, so the PHEV system on the car can recover kinetic energy to generate 100kW of power during braking, allowing the battery to maintain a high level of power most of the time. When driving vigorously, you can use the boost mode to charge the engine, and the battery will not be lower than 30%.

The interior has a strong performance flavor with AMG kits, but the overall layout is not too surprising.

The 4Matic full-time four-wheel drive system on the car is different from the fixed power output ratio design of the C43, and the power distribution ratio can be adjusted according to the driving mode and environment. And like the E63, it provides a tail-flick mode that decouples the front axle, showing more agile handling. In addition, although the electric motor is located on the rear axle, it can still transmit power to the front axle, so in pure electric mode, the C63 SE Performance can still drive in all-wheel drive settings.

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The C63 SE Performance weighs 2,111 kilograms, so Mercedes-AMG put a lot of effort into strengthening the structure and suspension. The steering and support joints are custom-made, and the wheelbase is extended by 10mm. The double-tube shock absorber increases the strength of the piston and increases the internal valve to enhance the shock absorption performance and bring better handling and comfort. With 0.7 to 2.5 degree rear wheel steering function, it has both low-speed agility and high-speed stable performance.

Mercedes-AMG is expected to officially launch the C63 SE Performance in 2023. As for the latest news in the Taiwan market, U-CAR will continue to track it and report it as soon as possible.