Schedule of the Indonesian National Team in the 2022 Futsal Asian Cup: Fight Asia’s Futsal King in the First Match

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is the schedule for the Indonesian Futsal Team in the 2022 Futsal Asian Cup.

The Indonesian Futsal National Team will compete for the Asian Futsal Cup from September 27 to October 8 in Kuwait.

The Indonesian Futsal National Team is in Group C with Iran, Lebanon and Taiwan.

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Indonesian Futsal National Team player, Ardiansyah Runtoboy was blocked by 2 Thai players (Instagram @Ardiansyah_runtuboy12)

In the first match, the Indonesian Futsal National Team will face a strong team, Iran.

You could say, Iran is the giant of Asian futsal.

The reason is, Iran became the most successful country in the history of the Asian Futsal Cup with 12 successful titles they collected.

Iran’s achievements are not only stuck in Asia, but also in a more prestigious arena, namely the Futsal World Cup.

They are not only the entertainment team in the world’s most prestigious tournament.

But also able to speak a lot by having won third place in the 2016 World Cup edition.

Nice Capital for the Futsal National Team