Even a small amount of parabens and bisphenol A (BPA) leads to hormonal changes, in particular to an increase in the level of estrogen, which can cause breast cancer.

Scientists have examined several hundred urine samples of women aged 18 to 44 years to find out how the chemicals that make up cosmetic products work on the body. This experiment is carried out for the first time, while the analysis of the experimental subjects was studied repeatedly. The results of the analysis showed that the norm of harmful substances in the materials released by the kidneys was exceeded several times. This fact indicates hormonal disorders in the female body, experts say. In particular, we are talking about the hormone estrogen, which can trigger the onset of breast cancer.
Women who use cosmetics can face many problems related to deteriorating health, scientists emphasize. The researchers concluded that skin care products can cause, in addition to cardiovascular problems, cancer and even infertility. Experts advise to carefully study the composition of a cream before using it.
             Miroslava Dontsova




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