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Scott Van Pelt of ESPN: Maryland's decision was totally school needs a total reset

University of Maryland students will pause on November 1 during a "Justice for Jordan" rally. (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

Scott Van Pelt of ESPN gave his strongest words to the University of Maryland following the football and leadership crisis at the school and said on Thursday evening in his "SportsCenter" program that the school had demonstrated the remarkably consistent ability to do so Wrong to do "every step," "have the leaders deployed," the most dreadful crisis management possible, and the school now demands "a complete cultural restart."

Van Pelt asked how School President Wallace D. Loh and Sports Director Damon Evans can stay in their job, and asked the school to get in touch with people who are interested in the University and can help them get away from it to recover the riots of this fall basketball coach for men Gary Williams.

Wallace Loh admitted that the University failed Jordan McNair. This is a tragedy that can not be reversed. The leadership and board have also failed at the University of Maryland – all throughout the process, often in the interests of self-employment. Conservation, "said Van Pelt. "The university belongs to lotsand the process of withdrawal must start immediately. Commissions and studies are now mere nonsense, and this kind of political paralysis has brought us here in the first place, and how a tragic situation that began in late May still revelers in November. For many people this place is very important, and I can not tell you how many generations have been ashamed of this whole chapter and addressed it with a broken heart. "

The school was harshly criticized by local and national critics after the University of Maryland's Board of Regents recommended retaining football coaches DJ Durkin and Evans, despite the scandal that erupted in June after McNair, a 19-year-old offensive lineman, died in June , Loh dismissed Durkin on Wednesday. James T. Brady, chairman of the regent of the system, resigned on Thursday after a protest march by students, alumni, media and politicians.

Van Pelt, one of the alumni most heavily involved in the school's sports program, has largely avoided calling for action during the months-long debate on the future of Maryland. But his comments on Thursday evening questioned the continued viability of Loh and Evans as faces of sports in Maryland.

"For months, out of respect for the University of Maryland, which has been part of my life all my life and a process that lasts, I have chosen my words very carefully, if I have said anything at all," he said. "This time is over because I was hoping they would get it right. That did not work. At every step of the way, from the moment Jordan McNair fell ill with Regent's awkward decision, Maryland has demonstrated the remarkably consistent ability to do the wrong thing with every step. The most silent crisis management you can imagine. As a guide or lack of it, it's hard to figure out how it could become more complete. The scene, which took place in the last 72 hours following the decision of the Regents to resume DJ Durkin, followed by the shot of President Wallace Loh the next day, was just right Next embarrassing chapter in a story that seems to have no end. "

"Commissions and investigations have come together, in which many of the university I love have taken turns taking jobs under the bus," Van Pelt continued. "Time and again, details have been passed on to the press, all of which illustrate the systematic collapse of leadership and trust. It seems everyone has gone into "cover-your-own-ass" mode and the worst kind of crab-in-bucket behavior you can think of. Durkin is out; On Thursday, James Brady, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regents, resigned, saying that his presence would be a distraction. My question is about their roles: how can Wallace Loh and the sports director Damon Evans stay? "

Loh had announced on Tuesday that he would retire at the end of the school year, when the board had gone with the football coach on the university president. The turmoil has continued; Chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of Maryland's College Park Foundation said on Thursday that the university's fundraiser may have suffered a fatal blow. The students held a rally on campus and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education launched a review of U-Md's accreditation.

Van Pelt said the school needed to turn to leaders whose loyalty to the school was more than they themselves.

"There are those who can help on a number of fronts," said Van Pelt. "People like Gary Williams. He wore the uniform. He is a graduate. He is a Hall of Famer and has a passion for his unparalleled university. He would be ready to help. You just have to ask him. But that means someone from Maryland should ask him, right? And that did not happen because of the complete leadership gap that currently exists. Maryland needs that now: people who love the university first, not themselves. People who want to shed light on it is great about the state and the school and say "Maryland, we're all behind you" and mean it. People who can be the rudder of the university must lead them out of this mess. "

Van Pelt had questioned the decision to reinstate Durkin. He said late Tuesday evening: "I have no idea how he should [resume coaching], I have no idea if he wants it at all. "

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