Sebastian Vettel robbed in central Barcelona

It is the Spanish newspaper Cope that reports on the incident that is said to have occurred around eight o’clock on Monday morning. The four-time world champion in Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel, parked and left his Aston Martin unlocked for a few minutes outside the hotel in central Barcelona.

Then the thieves stayed ahead and stole his backpack, which according to the newspaper contained headphones and documents.

Chased on electric scooters

The thieves fled the scene but Vettel got hold of an electric scooter and thanks to a GPS function in the headphones, he managed to track down the headphones that were found dumped. This despite the fact that the local police advised him against following the thieves.

Vettel then made a report and the police are working to find the thieves.

The 34-year-old Aston Martin driver finished 11th when the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona was decided on Sunday and thus missed the top ten and points.

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