Secondary Vocational School/Lin Li 5 Ann arranged to tie, goodbye points and won 6 consecutive victories

Peach monkeys are everywhere.

The Weiquan Dragons had a 4-point lead last night, but the Lotte Peach Monkeys chased all the way. After 9 innings, the two sides tied at 5:5. Relying on many goodbye hits, the Monkeys won 6:5 in the 11th inning of the playoff. Win and win 6 games in a row.

The Ape team fell behind by 1:5 after the first 6 innings yesterday, but in the 7 innings, the Dragons’ bullpen was unstable and chased 3 points first, and in the 9 innings, the hits tied the score first.

The tie reached 11 innings. The Dragons deliberately walked Chen Chenwei with 2 outs and someone at second base. They wanted Chen Mingxuan on the right to face Lin Li, who was hitting the right. Opponents say goodbye.

Lin Li scored 6 at-bats, 5 hits, and 4 RBIs last night. He organized most of the Ape team’s offensive, knocked back the tie and scored bye bye, and set a career record of 5 Anping in a single game. Bye An is the third team.

Dragons trailblazer Wu Dongrong was another bright spot last night. He scored 4 hits in 7 at-bats in a single game, the most in his career, and once helped the Dragons lead.

Dragons starting pitcher Briehan didn’t get on the board for 13 days, but his performance didn’t seem to be affected. He pitched 6.2 innings with 103 pitches, was hit with 5 hits, gave up 3 points (2 points tossed), and had 3 strikeouts, 2 The next four are bad.

However, after Briehan left the field, the Dragons’ bullpen went into trouble again. Huang Dongxuan, who took over, was knocked twice in a row. Not only was he sent back to the 2 runners who Briehan had left on the base, but also 1 point was counted on his own account. And let the ape team catch up to 1 point behind.

In 9 innings, the Dragons’ terminator Wu Duo was out of order. In 8 innings, he had already boarded the board ahead of schedule and got 2 outs. In 9 innings, he was knocked out with 3 hits.

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