Secret Story will not be back next season on TFX


Christophe Beaugrand, host of the reality show for three seasons, said that Secret Story would not be renewed at the start of the TF1 channel.

“For now, the show is not coming back. Secret Story will not be back on the TF1 group channels, “said Christophe Beaugrand Wednesday with our colleagues . “The main reason is the erosion of the hearings,” justified Mathieu Jabaud, former head of communication of Endemol France, in Morandini Live on CNews. ” Secret Story was a qualitative format in reality and therefore expensive to produce, much more than its competitors. And with 400,000 viewers on average during the last season, we were on the same bases as The angels of reality TV of NRJ12. ”
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Faced with a problem of profitability, Secret Story has not been renewed after eleven seasons broadcast between 2007 and 2017 on TF1 and TFX. “It’s dead and buried, the program will not come back,” said the former employee of the production company. “To have lived from the inside, we had arrived at the end of the end with this program. We did everything we could. Endemol teams recently worked on an all-star version of Secret Story against the rest of the world and TF1 did not want it. ”
Mathieu Jabaud also revealed that season 11, broadcast last year, was signed at the very last moment with significant reductions in production costs. Initially, the leaders of TF1 had planned to broadcast the first season of 10 perfect couples from September to November instead of Secret Story . Finally, the new reality game produced by Adventure Line Productions was scheduled for July and August on NT1.
The next fall, TF1 channel TNT could this time, schedule the season 2 of 10 perfect couples as early as September. And before the broadcast of season 4 of The villa of broken hearts , the channel has a new format produced by Ah! Production, The villa, the battle of couples .


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