Seehofer leads a Cabinet meeting in Bavaria

Seehofer leads a Cabinet meeting in

M ünchen (dpa / lby) – As the last official act as Prime Minister CSU leader Horst Seehofer today heads the Cabinet meeting of the Bavarian state government. Immediately after the meeting, or after the press conference, Seehofer travels back to Germany Berlin , where he is to be appointed Minister of the Interior on Wednesday (14.3.). Topics of the last meeting after almost nine and a half years at the head of the state government are the situation in the local labor market as well as answers to the foreign economic challenges for the economy. Seehofer connects many of his political success stories with regard to his term of office. In large parts of Bavaria, there is full employment, again and again Seehofer has in his tenure throughout the world for trade relations advertised. At the beginning of last week, Seehofer had written a letter declaring his resignation as of the end of March 13, with his term of office also ending the term of office for the ministers. However, they must continue to officiate until the new cabinet is sworn in.

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