Seen of Lebanon. Relationships between men and women : murmurons we still “you have beautiful eyes you know”

Seen of Lebanon. Relationships between men and women : murmurons we still “you have beautiful eyes you know”


Quai des Brumes,, 1938. The voice stifled by Jean Gabin, the next overwhelmed with Michèle Morgan. the “You have beautiful eyes, you know.” “Kiss me”, she says. The film of Marcel Carné is in black and white, but this exchange of worship, you can hear it in color. This is for miss Morgan as Jacques Prévert, author of the dialogue, has changed his initial line. The original manuscript reveals a scene slightly different : “A little later… in a small tavern planted temporarily for the feast, John and Nelly are finishing dinner. Nelly goes to the dog… She bends down and gives him to eat…/The gesture as she raises a little her dress… and John looks at his legs…/She comes back towards him…/John : You have nice legs, you know…/Nelly : I’m glad if I give you like… Kiss me…/They kiss each other.”

“You have nice legs, you know.” today, we cannot too how to take. Compliment ? Provocation ? Insult ? Harassment ? And this response moved, “Embrace me”, is a fantasy of the poet ? Does one respond as well in real life, in 2018, in a note on your legs ?

“This is so stupid a boy”

Lebanon, 1970s and following. The voice worried about my grandmother : Don’t let boys kiss you. Avoids their looks. You do not seat next to the driver. It does neither “service” [collective taxi or bus.

The scrubbers are everywhere and the grandmothers had their lot. In the mountains, when the sun begins to decline, we stick with the girls on the stroll, just to see what the boys who have had the same idea. They will blow the whistle. They say stupid things, it is so stupid a boy. One blushed, one guffaws, there’s a lot of stuff to make the return, to discuss them in endless masses low. The boys, if their mothers knew, they would pull on her ear. The mothers, in the mountain, are the terror of the young males.

In Beirut, they are the horniest. On the Corniche, they treat the girls all the names of the pastries, and make funny noises with the mouth. But they do not allow themselves to eat, or even taste, for all that. They have the replica “under the armpit” and the slap ready to happen. These titis-here you learn the life. Later, secretaries, sténodactylos, accounting, they expect to attitudes displaced from their superiors in situations that are embarrassing, or even dangerous sometimes. They know the nature of men and make it a reason.

Hollywood, 2017 and following. It is called Weinstein and he has dredged, harassed, harmed, forced, raped, played on the whole range of male domination with the biggest stars of american cinema. Alone, it embodies not only the centuries of unease in the relationship between the two sexes, but a moment in the history of this report, in which the women have decided to end it.

in the Face of the words-sharps “me too” and “balance your pork”, in the face of the army of stars dressed in black for the last Golden Globes, amounted in France to other voices that defend the “freedom to harass” men, “essential to the sexual freedom”. Between the two extremes, there should be a space where people could say “You have beautiful eyes (or great legs), you know”,, and the women respond with “Embrace me”. Without this, what would you film ?

Fifi Abou Dib
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