SEGA will not use movie elements for Sonic games

Meanwhile, SEGA’s blue mascot has had two feature films, both of which have been extremely well received by moviegoers. Somehow they gave fans hope that elements from the movies would make their way into the Sonic games. It is not so!

In a recent interview, the leader of the Sonic team shared, Takashi Iizuka, with that being said there are no plans to change the Sonic game verse in response to the films success. That means there will be no “Agent Stone” in the video games.

Talking to Videogames Chronicle Iizuka was asked if any elements from the films would be brought into the games, such as new character designs.

“I want to stay true to our game Sonic,” said Iizuka. “[Ich möchte] really expand the game Sonic to incorporate new ideas that will get people excited about new games.”

While the Sonic movies don’t influence the plot of the video games, that doesn’t mean they don’t receive representation.

“I think having Sonic movies as a guest character is doable and certainly something we will do,” says Iizuka. “But keeping the essence and core of Sonic in the games and then expanding on it is probably what I’d rather do than try to [den Film] to smuggle in.”

Sonic movies in Sonic games: No elements planned, that might be the reason

Despite Sonic the Hedgehog’s box office success, it’s actually quite easy to see why Takashi Iizuka and so act the Sonic team. The biggest departures from the usual storyline were in Sonic 2006 and Sonic Boom, which were anything but positively received by fans.

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The movies so far have only introduced new human characters that don’t appear in the games anyway. With “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” for the big screen, it has already been confirmed that the games villain – Shadow – will be shown. In addition, Knuckles should be back on board, who will even get his own spin-off series.

The next video game, Sonic Frontiers, is scheduled for release later this year. However, Frontiers’ first gameplay preview was “soulless.”