Seine-Saint-Denis: the compulsory health pass in 12 shopping centers, the unvaccinated seek a plan B

“It’s simple, from tomorrow, I boycott the shopping centers”, immediately advances an unvaccinated teenager in an alley of Rosny 2. As of Monday, the health pass will be requested from customers of twelve shopping centers in Seine- St Denis. The order of the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis, Jacques Witkowski was only taken this Saturday evening, three days after the government’s decision.

In question, the health situation in the department, “worrying” according to the prefecture, citing the local incidence rate of 222 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, above the limit of 200 cases set by the government. Wearing a mask will also remain compulsory.

With its 114,000 square meters, its 180 shops and its eight direct entrances, in addition to the direct access by the car park which benefits some shops, such as C&A or the Galeries Lafayette, Rosny 2 is the largest shopping center in Seine-Saint -Denis. “The eight entrances will not remain open,” explains a saleswoman. They will close at least four. Direct entries from some stores too. “

“The security guards will have to do the police”

A puzzle organization that is already in place to respond to the issue of this Monday: at the gates of several entrances, barriers are already in place, suggesting a future queue for controls. The security agents will be in charge of controlling the health passes. Only problem: “They do not agree, advance the young shopkeeper. They will have to police, it will double their work. “

At the thought of the long queues, Hocine, a 50-year-old customer who came with his daughter, turns pale. “I would certainly not wait ten minutes to enter, warns the one who goes to Rosny 2 every two weeks. It doesn’t make me want at all. If it’s not quick, I’ll go to town… or to Amazon. “

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A loss of customers that a lingerie saleswoman fears. “We are already feeling the repercussions of this week’s announcements,” she laments. We already have fewer people in recent days. If it starts like this… I’m scared for the days to come. Yanis and Clémence, two clients aged 30 and 22, are reluctant to be vaccinated. Just like Kristel, 29: “It’s going to be complicated to have to take a test every time I want to do my shopping here. “

Many customers are already ready

Others, like Ouafa, 50, and her daughter Kamilia, 23, had prepared to present their pass at the entrance. “We thought it was already compulsory! they have fun. And I would find that normal, continues the mother: the urgency is to protect others. “


“Me, I’m not worried, reassures a shopkeeper who has worked at Rosny 2 for a few years. It won’t stop people from coming. There, it is calm, but it is normal, it is the month of August. The customers who tell me about the health pass take it pretty well, there is no reason why it should go wrong. “

What about the vaccination center inside the shopping center?

Except for one complexity: Rosny 2 hosts, on the ground floor, a vaccination center, with and without an appointment. “Ah, on the other hand,” she doubts, “I really don’t know how people who are not yet vaccinated are going to get in. “Response from a security officer:” For those who have an appointment, it will be very simple, they will only have to present their proof of appointment, “he says. What will happen to those who come without an appointment? “That, I don’t know,” he concedes.

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As of Monday, eleven other centers in the department with a surface area of ​​over 20,000 meters will be affected as well as Rosny 2. These are Le Millénaire in Aubervilliers, O’Parinor in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bel Est in Bagnolet, Bel Air in Blanc-Mesnil, Avenir in Drancy, L’Ilo in Épinay-sur-Seine, La Grande Porte in Montreuil, Les Arcades in Noisy-le-Grand, Domus in Rosny-sous-Bois, the Carrefour de Stains, as well as Bienvenu , in Villetaneuse.


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