Semiconductor stocks plunge again-SOX index has fallen weekly since March 2008-Bloomberg

In the US stock market on the 20th, at the end of the transactionWhile high-tech stocks are being sold widely, semiconductor stocks are also falling, and the Nasdaq 100 index isWe have entered the adjustment phase.

The Philadelphia Semiconductor Sector Index (SOX) fell 3.3%, ending at its lowest since late October last year. This week’s rate of decline has exceeded 10%, the highest on a weekly basis since March 2020. It is a calculation that is 13% lower than the highest price set in December last year.

High-tech stocks have been under significant downward pressure since the beginning of the year on the back of rising US Treasury yields and a shift in funds from high-risk assets. Nvidia (3.7% down), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD, 5% down), Micron Technology (5.5% down), Broadcom (2.9% down), etc. had noticeable price drops on the 20th.

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Chipmakers Tumble Again in Biggest Weekly Drop Since March 2020(抜粋)