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Senate – Berlin – CDU state chief calls on the Senate to reject expropriations – politics

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Berlin (dpa / bb) – The Berlin CDU has called on the Senate to speak out clearly against expropriations from large real estate companies. “Whoever expropriates, terminates the basic consensus of the social market economy,” warned CDU country chief Kai Wegner on Monday. Expropriation is an ideological mistake. At its meeting on Tuesday, the Senate wants to give an official statement on the planned referendum, which is planned to run parallel to the Bundestag and House of Representatives election on September 26th. The vote is about whether real estate groups with more than 3000 apartments should be expropriated for compensation.

Wegner said the expropriation of housing companies would be a mortgage for Berlin’s development. “The compensation payments would be astronomical without creating a single additional apartment.” The Senate must therefore clearly distance itself from all expropriation fantasies. “Do not jeopardize the future of this city, let go of ideology-driven politics that would be fatal for Berlin’s development and divide our society,” said the CDU’s top candidate for the House of Representatives election.

The referendum, for which the “Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate” initiative campaigned, is also controversial within the red-red-green government coalition. The SPD has spoken out clearly against expropriations. The left is in favor, the Greens also support the goal in principle. The citizens’ initiative had collected signatures for the referendum by the end of June and had achieved the required quorum. Almost 172,000 Berlin voters had to agree.

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