Sesacre bulletin this Monday, August 2, about the coronavirus

The Acre State Department of Health (Sesacre), through the Department of Health Surveillance (DVS), records 39 cases of coronavirus infection this Monday, August 2, all of which are confirmed by RT-PCR tests, making causing the number of infected to jump to 87,186 in the last 24 hours.

So far, Acre has registered 239,015 reports of contamination by the disease, with 151,816 cases being discarded and 13 RT-PCR tests are still awaiting analysis by the Central Public Health Laboratory of Acre (Lacen) or the Charles Mérieux Infectology Center. At least 84,869 people have already been discharged from the disease, while 27 remain hospitalized until the end of this bulletin.

Data on vaccination against Covid-19 in Acre can be accessed on the Vaccination Monitoring Panel, available at the following website: The information is updated on the platform of the Ministry of Health (MS), being subject to constant changes, due to the information entered from each municipality.

Two death notices were filed this Monday, Aug. 2, bringing the official death toll for Covid-19 to 1,802 statewide.


A 72-year-old resident of Epitaciolândia, FBL, he was admitted on the 9th of July to the Emergency Room in Rio Branco, and died on the 31st of July.

A resident of Rio Branco, JCGG, 62 years old, was admitted to the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (Into/AC) on July 17th, and died on August 1st.

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Rio Branco – AC, August 2, 2021

Acre State Department of Health