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Seven Key Symptoms of Cancer – RT Arabic

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Seven major symptoms of cancer


                    SAUL LOEB


McMillan Chris Steele, the world at the London Oncology Center, revealed 7 major symptoms when finding them should be quickly resorted to an oncologist.

These symptoms include rapid changes in bowel or bladder function, "unexplained" bleeding, any chest or other appearance in the body, severe swallowing, discoloration or scaling, severe coughing with hoarseness, and long-term injuries.

Steele pointed out that the symptoms mentioned may not be linked to tumors, but recommended to visit the doctor if found.

He said: "You do not waste time doctors, by checking the symptoms."

The British doctor said that 4 of the 10 conditions for the development of oncology diseases can be prevented by diagnosis of the disease in a timely manner.

Source: Novosti


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