Several sectors of Greater Valencia are still without water

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The water has not yet arrived in some sectors of Greater Valencia, after the scheduled stop for 48 hours, made by Hidrocentro to make improvements to the Regional System of the Center.

Neighbors from the San José parish report that they are still waiting for the reactivation of the service from this Thursday morning at 6:00 am as Hidrocentro announced yesterday.

The works have already been completed, as reported by the hydrological company on its Twitter account in the evening hours of Wednesday, where it is also indicated that 27 leak repairs were carried out at different points in the Libertador and Valencia municipalities.

They explain that the pipeline pressurization stage was entered, which is the process in which the water reaches the necessary pressure to cover the entire distribution network.

They also point out that the flow of water through the system requires hours to supply the populations. For this reason, the arrival of water in homes does not occur simultaneously with the start of pumping.

The truth is that more than 15 hours have already passed and many homes in Greater Valencia are still waiting for water.

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