She died the Slovak actress Eva Kristínová

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The Czech audience could Kristínovou seen in a number of productions of the famous television Mondays. Of film making among the best known of her roles in the films Rysavá jalovica, the Year of the village and Bačova woman. In front of the cameras stood the last time in 1992, when she starred in the tv movie the Pavilion number 6.

Almost 40 years she was a member of the Slovak national theatre, where it has 80 roles such as Lady Macbeth, Gertrúdu in Hamlet and mother got the guts in the performance Brechtovy games Mother got the guts and her children.

Eva Kristínová on the image of the year 2013 at a performance at the national festival in Devíně


Kristínová was born in Trencin and in 1949 began to study acting. After graduation, she joined the Slovak national theatre.

In 2008, her former president Ivan Gasparovic has awarded state decorations, the Order of the Ľudovíta Štúra Even. class for special merits in development of Slovak performing arts and culture.


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